Joey Pole to make the switch to the ACT Ford engine for the 2010 ACT Season

L’équipe Joey Pole Racing vient d’annoncer qu’elle alignera des voitures avec des moteurs FORD en 2010.


Ils utiliseront des moteurs ACT crate FORD.  Mike Delahanty, directeur de program chez Ford Racing, a mentionné son enthousiasme face à l’association de Ford et Polewarczyk et a annoncé que cette association sera au centre d’une conférence de presse qui se tiendra au PRI (Performance Racing Industry) Industry Trade Show qui se tiendra à Orlando, Floride du 10 au 12 décembre prochain.







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(Hudson, NH)- Joey Pole Racing is very excited to announce that they will be powering their race cars with the newly introduced American Canadian Tour (ACT) Ford Racing Motor for 2010.  The ACT Ford motor was first introduced for competition earlier this year, with extensive testing done on several New England race tracks.

Pole, a multi-time winner on the American Canadian Tour is also widely considered one of the best Late Model drivers in New England, says he is extremely happy to be making the switch to Ford.  “We hope that teaming up with Ford Racing will enable our team to be a serious contender for the 2010 ACT Championship.”

Mike Delahanty; Program Manager for Ford Racing said that all of Ford Racing is very excited to welcome Joey Polewarczyk.  He went on to say that Joey will also be the focus of a Ford Racing press conference at the 2010 Performance Racing Industry Trade Show, held in Orlando, Florida, December 10-12.  The PRI Trade Show is the Nations largest, with an estimated 40,000 buyers from 60+ Countries.

Tom Curley; President of the American Canadian Tour (ACT) had these remarks when asked about what this meant to the ACT to have Joey Pole Racing changing to the Ford motor.

 “Having JPR change to a Ford will now give the Ford program a major presence in the Tour business, along with our weekly racing. Joey Pole has matured as a race driver and his team is one of the most recognizable in the Northeast. I would expect Joey to help bring Ford into a championship contending team in 2010.”

Please visit www.joeypole.com for any additional information and to follow us on our quest for the 2010 ACT Championship. 



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