DEC 2010


First, a very happy holiday season to all ACT members and your families and

teams. Thanksgiving is now past and we look forward to the Christmas holiday

season with gratitude for all the support we have been given over the years,

especially during these past couple of difficult economic years. We look forward

with a great deal of optimism toward the coming race season.



We announced in early November that ACT Late Models would be returning to

NHMS for a second event over ‘Indy weekend’, August 12 & 13. This has come

about as a result of the great effort that many teams have put into having

successful Late Model events in the ACT Invitationals over the past two years.

New Hampshire is posting over $100,000.00 in purse money for this ‘short track’

ALL STAR event next August. What is really going to create a lot of interest,

besides just the opportunity to compete at the Magic Mile, is that the purse and

format will be unlike anything ever seen at New Hampshire, let alone in the short

track Late Model division anywhere in the country. There will be $40,000 of the

posted purse dedicated to just the heat racing and last chance races! That’s

right, this will be a ‘short track’ kind of event with everyone having an

opportunity to race your way into the feature event. That will leave the feature

with a lucrative $60,000 purse! Our goal at ACT with this event is that every

team that attempts to qualify will have a great race experience and also make

enough money to help defray some expenses even if not qualified for the main



We will have complete details and entry information available to Late Model

competitors in January. Eligibility will be fair but strict in the interest of safety.

There is an optional open practice at NHMS for ACT Late Model teams (not

mandatory for anyone who has participated in either of the first two ACT

Invitational events or practice sessions over the past couple years). This one day

practice is scheduled for Tuesday, August 2, 2011 and the only charge will be a

team fee of $100 to pay for the safety equipment and daily costs at NHMS.

(Goodyear has agreed once again to pay ½ of the practice fee on behalf of all

competitors, thus it is only a $50 per team fee). Practice tires can be used from

the August 2 session for practice at the ALL STAR event on August 12/13.

There have been a few changes to the Invitational to be held again on NASCAR

Chase Cup weekend, Saturday, September 24, 2011. The only difference in 2011

will be starting time will be pushed up to afternoon for tires, etc. Hopefully, this

should make for a more reasonable time frame for teams to be able to schedule

their participation in the third annual Invitational.

More information on both the NHMS events can be expected in January 2011.



The next big announcement that has come out of the ‘off-season’ came from

Oxford Plains Speedway. The announcement that there would be a PASS event

on the eve of the ‘250’ certainly got the rumor mill flying. Let me assure you that

Bill Ryan continues to be a strong supporter of Late Model racing, both weekly at

OPS and also the ACT US. With that said I do think we supporters of Late Model

racing should make an extra effort to support this great event. It still is the

richest event on the Late Model calendar and an experience unlike any other

short track race. I remember what a great thrill it was when the announcement

came several years ago that the ‘richest one day short track race in America’ was

being changed to a Late Model race. As one of ACT racing’s strongest allies, we

hope that many teams will take in the TD 250 in 2011. Oxford management has

made a number of changes over the past few years to make this event more in

keeping with Late Model teams overall racing philosophies.

I still believe that this event can be done very economically as a one-day event,

like most other ACT events. Arrive Sunday morning, practice for a couple hours

and then go through the process. We fully support the changes made last year -

that teams could purchase tires after qualifying if they made the show, and the

‘no going down in the pits after the pits are open on a yellow”. In fact, we only

had two teams that raced at Beech Ridge the following weekend that used tires

from the 250. There is a message in there somewhere. Mark July 24, 2011 on

your schedule of races to support this coming season. It is the ultimate ‘catch

the golden ring’ event!



This was one of those promotions that was the true ‘flyer of an idea’. I

remember throwing out the idea of taking teams to Florida as a ‘racing holiday’

during Speedweeks at Daytona. I really did not think we would get a lot of


I thought this would be a fun way to break up the long winter months, and also

show a whole lot of people, from many disciplines of asphalt racing who

participate or watch the World Series of Racing at New Smyrna, what Late Model

racing with heats to qualify really is. I am especially anxious to showcase the

respectful kind of racing we have enjoyed over the past years. There will be a lot

of attention for this effort. Over 700 promoters from throughout the country will

be attending the national convention in Daytona over the two days we will be

racing, and many will be at NSS to watch our shows. Modifieds, ASA Late

Models, Super Late Models etc. will all be part of the marathon that is the World


We were very surprised to get over 30 teams to commit to this project!! It

certainly put me on the hot spot to try and get the races booked after we

received support from so many teams. It took some doing and some help to get

the purses put together. Realistically, with the program NSS has, it was not like

they were looking for another event to fill an already full schedule over the 10

days of the WSASCR. But they have been gracious enough to slot us in for a

couple of 100 lap events, which certainly puts some pressure on their schedules

and also complicates an already filled pit area, but we will make it work.

Entries for the NSS events will be going out before Christmas, but we encourage

teams to make some reservations as soon as possible. Daytona and surrounding

areas have ‘relaxed’ their room requirements from years past…and during this

time frame there are some great events to take in at the Speedway, ARCA race,

Bud Clash, and Twin 125’s if you stay until Thursday, etc.

Obviously Disney World, etc. is down the road if you are planning a family kind

of winter vacation. NSS World Series opens on Thursday, February 10th and runs

through the 19th. The ACT events will be Sunday and Monday nights, February

13th and 14th respectively.

We have heard from some teams that they have rooms for as little at $57 per

night on Daytona Beach! ACT has booked officials rooms in the Orange

City/Deltona area (about 20 min from NSS) for around $75 from Friday-Tuesday.

Hopefully this will give teams an idea of what to expect. Again information will be

sent to teams that committed before Christmas break. Any other teams that are

still interested please contact the office as soon as possible.



Late Models

Putting together the 2011 schedules has been a difficult process. We appreciate

all the responses that we received to the survey we sent from the office at the

conclusion of the 2010 race season. After reviewing them, we have tried to stay

as close as possible to requests for events that the majority of teams (as well as

the ACT staff and officials) indicated they felt were do-able for them in 2011. The

final schedules, as of Friday, November 19th, for both the US and Castrol Series

actually ended up being 12 each, plus the four specials (250, Invitational,

Showdown, Milk Bowl).

We had requests for a half dozen more events in 2011, but could not reasonably

schedule them in the best interest of teams, and weekly racing, which still

remains a priority at ACT.

The combination events at Riverside, QC, the August 13th event at NHMS, and

the Airborne Fall Foliage 200 are partially as a result of honoring prior

commitments, as well as providing the most assurance for success at showcase

events like the NHMS event and the Fall Foliage at Airborne.

Bond/Wix Tiger Sportsman Series

The TS Series has some changes to its schedule coming out before Christmas. It

now looks like there will be 5 events in the TS series this coming season,

including a date correction. I will be holding a ‘pre-season’ meeting sometime in

late March or early April with TS teams to see if we can work out some of the

issues that are currently affecting the TS division. I have every confidence that

we can make 2011 into a great race season for TS teams if we address some of

the problems of the past couple seasons. I am looking forward to seeing this

division get back to the positive spirited division it has been known for over the

past 40-plus years.




Rules meetings have been completed and rules should be published on the ACT

and Thunder Road web sites, hopefully before Christmas. The Late Model

division had very few changes. A couple of issues that need to be dealt with are

noted below:


There has been lots of discussion about the Ford project now being

the ‘car of choice’. This project is and continues to be a ‘work in progress’. It

took a full three years to get the Chevrolet crate to its successful state, and I

anticipate that by the end of 2011 we will have the Ford program exactly where

it is needed within the philosophy and guidelines of ACT racing.

1.The GM crate is the baseline motor for ACT Late Model racing.

2. Nothing will change on the GM program at the present time.

3. If necessary, the Ford will continue to have changes made as deemed for

finding ‘parity’ with the GM crates.

4. If the Ford does not appear to be compatible from a competition standpoint,

we will continue to take steps to make improvements.

5. If the Ford appears to have been given ‘too much of an advantage’, we will

take steps to bring the program back in compliance with the original intent…that

being two different manufacturers’ engines capable of winning races and being

competitive with each other.

In 2010, ACT sanctioned and/or promoted 48 stock car events. Fords won 4 of

those events, GM crates won 44. Some very good race teams converted their

programs to Fords in 2010, it would be unreasonable to expect that they would

not be competitive or win some races.

We will monitor the Ford vs. GM situation very closely during the upcoming

season. [It almost feels like Dave Dion and Jr. Hanley have returned to create

panic in the age old Ford vs. Chevy debate!!! Can’t we all just get along??!!]



This is a notice regarding the ACT policy on rebuilding your crate motors.

The chief architect of the ACT engine program for the past decade was and

continues to be Dave MacMaster of Butler & MacMaster in Hallowell, ME.

1. At the present time if you own a MacMaster built crate motor, he

is the only authorized dealer to ‘rebuild’ or service your engine

program, unless a unique situation comes up and is approved by


2. The other dealers that have been approved as satellite dealers

using the same procedures that MacMaster has developed are:





West Carleton Automotive

Please be advised that if you purchased your engine from these satellite dealers

they are the dealers to service your engines.

At the present time, only Butler & MacMaster is the authorized dealer for the ACT

FORD crate engine program.

If you have any questions, please contact the ACT office.



There are virtually no rules changes in 2011 for the Tiger Sportsman division.



We have had some meetings during the off-season to address the rules on a

regional basis for 4-cyl divisions in general. The response has been very positive

from various promoters and we are continuing these discussions. We have

targeted January 15th as a date to complete some kind of ‘universal’ rules for five

or six tracks in our region that are interested in this project. We will have a

meeting with Street Stocks and Warriors in January as soon as these discussions

are completed and go over what decisions have been made. We are hoping that

this will solve many of the problems in the area that presently exist with the

variety of rules that exist and in turn boost car counts and give the 4-cyl teams

more opportunities with their race programs.

Again this has been one of the busiest and productive ‘off-seasons’ as we try to

continually improve our race programs for fans and participants. Thank you for

all of your past efforts and we look forward to the coming race season.

Best wishes for the holidays and we look forward to seeing you at the up-coming

Banquets or when the snow melts in the Spring.


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Airborne Speedway - East Coast Snocross races

For immediate release                                                         AS-112910-1

Plattsburgh, NY – Tickets for the East Coast Snocross snowmobile races sponsored by Akwesasne Mohawk Casino January 8-9, 2011 at the Crete Memorial Civic Center, go on sale December 1 event promoter Airborne Speedway announced today.


Tickets can be purchased at two Plattsburgh locations - Della Motorsports near the intersection of Rte 3 and Rte 190 and Aaron’s on 327 Cornelia St. Single day ($15) and two-day ($25) tickets will be available. Free admission for children ages 7 and under. Della Motorsports and Casella Waste Management are co-sponsoring the event.


The East Coast Snocross Series, presented by Woody’s Traction and Control and Amsoil, is the largest regional racing series in the nation. It is expected to draw more than 300 top-flight racers from New England, New York, Pennsylvania and Quebec.


Racers will compete in Pro Stock, Pro Am, Pro Open and Semi Pro classes on a winding course with large jumps constructed adjacent to the Crete facility. If necessary, snow will trucked in or made on site. “One way or another, promoter Mike Perrotte has assured me we will have snow,” Mayor Donald Kasprzak said.


Sam Rogers, an X games medalist and Rave-X team member from Colorado will perform a back flip during a high-flying freestyle program in addition to the racing schedule.


“We wanted to make tickets available in time for holiday shoppers,” Perrotte said. “This is a major touring event with a lot of quality race teams and many types of vendors.”

Vendor space in the Crete Memorial Civic Center is available - contact Airborne Speedway 518-561-3208.


Contact: Tom Herzig




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Airrborne rules meeting

For immediate release – AS-113010-1

South Plattsburgh – Airborne Speedway will hold a 2011 rules meeting Sat. Dec. 4 at the American Legion on Quarry Road in Plattsburgh.

The four-cylinder divisions session begins at noon. Renegade and Sportsman competitors will convene at approximately 12:30 p.m. Ernie’s Discount Tools DIRTcar Modified meeting follows at 1:00 p.m.

Licenses and season passes may be purchased at the meeting. For further information – call the speedway office – 518-561-3208.


Contact: Tom Herzig


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