Durgan, Proctor Split Modified Twin Bill at Devil’s Bowl Speedway

Durgan, Proctor Split Modified Twin Bill at Devil's Bowl Speedway

Bergeron back in Late Model victory lane


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WEST HAVEN, VT – Jason Durgan and Ron Proctor shared the spotlight on Central Vermont Motorcycles Night at Devil's Bowl Speedway on Friday, June 19, splitting victories in a pair of eventful Bond Auto Parts Modified stock car races.  The division ran twin 30-lap features as part of a full card of racing for the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series presented by Yandow Sales & Service and John Deere; other winners on the night included Chris Bergeron, Robert Gordon, Chris LaVair, Bob Seward, and Bob Donahue.

Morrisonville, NY native Durgan won the first Modified feature in dominant style, leading all but the opening two laps.  He was all by himself up front when a restart with six laps remaining brought Leon Gonyo, Vince Quenneville Jr., and the rest of the field to his bumper, but he blasted away from the pack to cruise to the win.  Quenneville, of Brandon, VT, squeezed by Chazy, NY racer Gonyo for the runner-up spot; Greg Atkins finished fourth with Ron Proctor fifth.

Proctor, of Charlton, NY, rode the outside lane in a wild, crash-marred nightcap.  Whiting, VT's Jimmy Ryan held a big lead over Cody Sargen and Proctor during a long green-flag run; Sargen held second as Proctor committed to the outside for more than 15 laps trying to pass. Proctor finally cleared Sargen at lap 24, just before contact from Durgan's car sent Sargen hard into the concrete retaining wall at a sharp angle; Sargen was alert and walked with assistance to an ambulance before going to a local hospital for observation.

Ryan and Proctor battled at the final restart before Proctor – again on the outside – took the lead from Ryan with two laps left and drove to the win; it was Proctor's second first victory of the year and his first since the recent passing of his crew chief Ron White.  Hometown favorite Billy Lussier of Fair Haven, VT ran inside the top five throughout the race and finished a career-best third.  Atkins, after a long battle with Lussier, finished fourth for the second time of the night, and Jason Furman had a career-best showing in fifth place.

Chris Bergeron of Claremont, NH ended a nearly two-year dry spell in the 30-lap Central Vermont Motorcycles Late Model division feature after holding off Todd Stone of Middlebury, VT for the win.  Former track champion Bergeron was sidelined midway through last season with a knee injury, then missed the 2015 season opener while battling kidney stones.  He held off a late charge from Stone for the win.

"The car has been good this year, but the driver is getting older," Bergeron said with a laugh in victory lane.  "But I feel pretty good right now."

Josh Masterson of Bristol, VT finished third with Jamie Aube on his bumper.  Lance Allen finished fifth after a long fight with rookie Richard Lowrey III and Chad White.  Aube and Allen were each in their first starts of the season.

Defending track champion Robert Gordon of Milton, VT grabbed his second win of the year out of the hands of Jason McClatchie in the 25-lap Brileya's Chrysler-Jeep Renegade division feature.  In spite of overheated brakes, Gordon chased McClatchie down and stole the lead with two laps remaining.  McClatchie, of Plattsburgh, NY, settled for second place with Jim McKiernan, Scott FitzGerald, and Dylan Rabtoy in tow.

Chris LaVair of Saranac Lake, NY took his second-straight win in the Portland Glass Mini Stock division after a 15-lap race.  John McCarron and rookie Brad Bertrand had an entertaining battle for second, which went McCarron's way.  Andrew FitzGerald and Tanner Crary were next in line.

The New England Antique Racers club made its annual visit to Devil's Bowl Speedway with a nice field of retro racing machines.  Bob Seward of Lee, MA drove his 1937 Plymouth coupe to a win in the 12-lap Sportsman race over Barry Roy and Allen Davis, while Bob Donahue of Jaffrey, NH drove his Pinto-bodied 1982 Troyer chassis to the 12-lap Modified win over Scott Poirier and Richard Trempe.

Devil's Bowl Speedway is back in action on Friday, June 26 at 7:30 p.m. with the annual "Hometown Heroes" Night presented by Rutland Regional Medical Center, 105.3 Cat Country, Vermont Army National Guard, and Whelen Engineering; all first responders, corrections officers, military, and veterans will be admitted free.  The Red Knights Motorcycle Club will visit with a pre-race parade, and all four racing divisions will be in action.  Regular admission is $12 for adults, $10 for seniors, and free for children age 12 and under.

Devil's Bowl Speedway is located on Route 22A in West Haven, VT, four miles north of Exit 2 on U.S. Route 4.  For more information, visit www.DevilsBowlSpeedwayVT.com or call (802) 265-3112.  Devil's Bowl Speedway is on Facebook atfacebook.com/DevilsBowlSpeedway and on Twitter and Instagram at @DevilsBowlSpeed; follow the action using the #DevilsBowl hashtag.


UNOFFICIAL RESULTS – Central Vermont Motorcycles Night

Devil's Bowl Speedway, West Haven, VT

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series presented by Yandow Sales & Service and John Deere

Friday, June 19, 2015


Bond Auto Parts Modified Feature #1 (30 laps)


(# - denotes rookie)

1.    (4) Jason Durgan, Morrisonville, NY

2.    (7) Vince Quenneville, Jr., Brandon, VT

3.    (6) Leon Gonyo, Chazy, NY

4.    (13) Greg Atkins, Clintonville, NY

5.    (9) Ron Proctor, Charlton, NY

6.    (10) Joey Roberts, Fletcher, VT

7.    (8) Cody Sargen, Greenfield Center, NY

8.    (2) Billy Lussier, Fair Haven, VT

9.    (16) Jason Bruno, Morrisonville, NY

10.  (12) Dave Snow, Brandon, VT

11.  (15) # Bob Kilburn, Fair Haven, VT

12.  (11) # Allan Hammond, Canaan, NH

13.  (5) Jason Furman, Ballston Spa, NY

14.  (1) Jimmy Ryan, Whiting, VT

15.  (3) Codie Aubin, Plattsburgh, NY

16.  (14) Bucko Branham, Plattsburgh, NY

Heat Winners: Jason Durgan; Bucko Branham

Shiley Fabrication Hard Charger Award: Greg Atkins

Shiley Fabrication Hard Luck Award: Jimmy Ryan


Bond Auto Parts Modified Feature #2 (30 laps)


(# - denotes rookie)

1.    (10) Ron Proctor, Charlton, NY

2.    (1) Jimmy Ryan, Whiting, VT

3.    (2) Billy Lussier, Fair Haven, VT

4.    (8) Greg Atkins, Clintonville, NY

5.    (4) Jason Furman, Ballston Spa, NY

6.    (15) Codie Aubin, Plattsburgh, NY

7.    (14) # Allan Hammond, Canaan, NH

8.    (3) Dave Snow, Brandon, VT

9.    (13) # Bob Kilburn, Fair Haven, VT

10.  (11) Joey Roberts, Fletcher, VT

11.  (9) Bucko Branham, Plattsburgh, NY

12.  (12) Vince Quenneville, Jr., Brandon, VT

13.  (16) Jason Durgan, Morrisonville, NY

14.  (5) Cody Sargen, Greenfield Center, NY

15.  (6) Jason Bruno, Morrisonville, NY

16.  (7) Leon Gonyo, Chazy, NY

Heat Winners: (no heats)

Shiley Fabrication Hard Charger Award: Ron Proctor

Shiley Fabrication Hard Luck Award: Cody Sargen


Central Vermont Motorcycles Late Model Feature (30 laps)


(# - denotes rookie)

1.    (4) Chris Bergeron, Claremont, NH

2.    (3) Todd Stone, Middlebury, VT

3.    (12) Josh Masterson, Bristol, VT

4.    (5) Jamie Aube, North Ferrisburgh, VT

5.    (6) Lance Allen, Barre, VT

6.    (7) # Richard Lowery III, Charlotte, VT

7.    (2) Chad White, Fort Ann, NY

8.    (8) Walter J. Hammond, Canaan, NH

9.    (11) Walt Hammond, Jr., Canaan, NH

10.  (13) Robert Bryant, Jr., Brooklyn, CT

11.  (1) Steve Miller, Vergennes, VT

12.  (10) Seth Bridge, Mendon, VT

13.  (9) Mark Norris, Benson, VT

Heat Winners: Todd Stone; Chad White

Crazy Horse Racing Winners Circle Challenge: Chris Bergeron


Brileya's Chrysler-Jeep Renegade Feature (25 laps)


 (# - denotes rookie)

1.    (7) Robert Gordon, Milton, VT

2.    (2) Jason McClatchie, Plattsburgh, NY

3.    (3) Jim McKiernan, Moriah Center, NY

4.    (1) Scott FitzGerald, West Rutland, VT

5.    (8) Dylan Rabtoy, Swanton, VT

6.    (4) # Shawn Franklin, Waitsfield, VT

7.    (5) # Matt Monaghan, Colchester, VT

8.    (6) Jared Blake, North Hero, VT

Heat Winner: Scott FitzGerald

Bond Auto Parts Hard Charger Award: Robert Gordon


Portland Glass Mini Stock Feature (15 laps)


 (# - denotes rookie)

1.    (6) Chris LaVair, Saranac Lake, NY

2.    (7) John McCarron, Rensselaer, NY

3.    (3) # Bradley Bertrand, Ferrisburgh, VT

4.    (2) Andrew FitzGerald, West Rutland, VT

5.    (5) # Tanner Crary, Saranac Lake, NY

6.    (1) Kyle Sorensen, Ballston Spa, NY

7.    (4) Harold LaVair, Jr., Gabriels, NY

Heat Winner: Chris LaVair

Bond Auto Parts Hard Charger Award: Chris LaVair


New England Antique Racers Modified Feature (12 laps)

Pos.-(Car No.)-Driver-Hometown

 (# - denotes rookie)

1.    (99) Bob Donahue, Jaffrey, NH

2.    (73) Scott Poirier, Norwich, CT

3.    (99X) Richard Trempe, Jaffrey, NH

4.    (77) Tom Trempe, Jaffrey, NH

5.    (7X) Wesley Roach, Nashua, NH

6.    (76) Rick MacDowell, Sheffield, MA

7.    (99K) Joe Keefner, Housatonic, MA

8.    (199) Billy Kemp, Greenfield, NH


New England Antique Racers Sportsman Feature (12 laps)

Pos.-(Car No.)-Driver-Hometown

 (# - denotes rookie)

1.    (69B) Bob Seward, Lee, MA

2.    (0) Barry Roy, Fitchburg, MA

3.    (4) Allen Davis, Cavendish, VT

4.    (176) Lloyd Hutchins, Jr., Barre, VT

5.    (088) Angie Bullack, Greenfield, NH

6.    (15) Spanky Bancroft, East Windsor, CT

7.    (198) Dave Wright, Jaffrey, NH



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Autodrome Granby: : Un championnat se forme sous nous yeux

Vendredi 19 juin 2015,





Communiqué #11





Pour diffusion immédiate




Objet : Un championnat se forme sous nous yeux

5x Modifié


2 tops 10 pour la famille Boisvert et les frères Bernier. Kayle Robidoux #46 part premier, mais Alain Boisvert file à l'extérieur et saisit la pôle dès le tour 1. À plusieurs reprises, ils rouleront deux par deux. Martin Gagné #6 restera 3ème du départ jusqu'au tour 8 où un jaune survient. Gagné décide alors de rentrer aux puits, mais quelques tours plus tard, quitte définitivement la course. Au tour 8, le ONE de David Hébert passe de la 6ème à la 3ème place en un tour. Il s'ensuit un carambolage impliquant Maxime Michon #75, Maxime Plante #79 et Daniel Nadeau #64. Boisvert et Robidoux fuient toujours premiers, suivis de Dominic Dufault #63 et le ONE qui se font la guerre. Au 13ème tour, le ONE gagne les puits pour une crevaison. Le tour suivant, le 25 de Steve Bernier parti 8ème est maintenant 2ème. Le 25* tentera le bas de Boisvert jusqu'à la fin sans succès. Son frère François parviendra 3ème au 21ème tour, mais le 46 lui reprendra sa place au tour suivant. Dans les deux derniers tours Claude Brouillard #3 passera aussi François Bernier #49.


1- Alain Boisvert #73 (Mathieu Boisvert 9ème)
2- Steve Bernier #25*
3- Kayle Robidoux #46
4- Claude Brouillard #3
5- François Bernier #49

50 x Sportsman


Martin Pelletier #92P part premier. Une jaune survient au deuxième tour et Guy Ouellette #32 se charge du rôle de meneur dès lors. Un faux départ au 14ème tour déboussole le 32. Pelletier prend les devants jusqu'au 42ème tour où il abandonne pour un bris (birdcage). Jonathan Désilets #21 parti dixième montre ce qu'il a dans le ventre en joignant le top 5 au 10ème tour. Il apparaît ensuite troisième au 19ème tour en faisant l'intérieur de Desjardins. Au tour d'après, Désilets fait de même avec Ouellette. Desjardins parti 3èmedemeurera dans le top 5 toute la course luttant avec le 32 et le 21. Quand le 92 lui offre une jaune, Desjardins a fini d'étudier la piste et sa voiture, il ne lâchera plus la pôle. Une mention spéciale à Frédéric Gamache #66 qui à sa deuxième course parmi nous est parti 14ème et termine 4ème


1- Mathieu Desjardins #1m
2- Jonathan Désilets #21
3- Guy Ouellette #32


50 x Prostock


Normand Voghel #3 donne le départ et reste premier jusqu'au huitième tour où Dave Bissonnette lui vole la pôle par l'extérieur. À la relance du 23ème tour, Stéphane Lemire le navigateur de l'extérieur dépasse Voghel qui se tient au bas. Au tour 28, Lemire dépasse Bissonnette à sa manière habituelle, au large. Bien que Bissonnette tentera l'impossible pour dépasser Lemire, il n'y parviendra pas. Stéphane Lemire #115 met ainsi fin à son cycle de troisièmes places. François Adam #01 quitte dans les 5 premiers tours pour une crevaison ce qui lui fera mal dans le championnat. 


1- Stéphane Lemire #115

2- Dave Bissonnette #47

3- Normand Voghel #3

2Mod Lite 


La recrue Benjamin Cartier #22B part premier dans cette première finale Mod Lite à l'Autodrome Granby. Dès le premier tour, Réjean Lemieux #30 parti deuxième lui vole l'extérieur. Martin Fleurant #52 parti troisième y demeure. Dans les dix premiers tours de l'épreuve, le trio rejoint les retardataires. Au tour 13, Éric Désilets #28 part en capotage. À la relance, les trois premiers demeurent les mêmes, mais le jeune Cartier tente de dépasser le meneur Lemieux. Benjamin Cartier se déporte dans la 2 et Fleurant en profite pour le passer par l'intérieur. Cartier #22B remporte son premier podium à vie en seulement 3 courses avec la série Mod Lite Québec. Ils finissent dans cet ordre : 


1. Réjean Lemieux #30
2. Martin Fleurant #52
3. Benjamin Cartier #22B



Caroline Champigny, relationniste de l'Autodrome Granby


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