Justin Ramsay is Happy Living Life on the Racer’s Edge

Justin Ramsay is Happy Living Life on the Racer's Edge

By Jim Clarke, Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media


Despite what they might tell you, some racecar drivers are okay with finishing second. Justin Ramsay will never be one of them. After earning the runner-up position in the 2014 Pro Stock division at Brighton Speedway and the Duel in the Dirt challenge series standings, the 27 year old from Rossmore, Ontario says there is nowhere to go but up.


With the new campaign at the local 3rdof a mile clay oval set to take its first green flag Saturday, May 2nd the talented wheelman – who has also spent time at the controls of a Comp 4/Mini Stock and Pure Stock machine – has been looking for ways to close the 330 point deficit that stood between himself and a track championship. Ramsay and his team have been burning the midnight oil, fine-tuning his ride for a 2015 title chase. He says the car will be chasing checkered flags all season long.


"We had a great year and with some different racing luck on a couple of nights, the point chase could've had a different outcome," said Ramsay, who earns a paycheque as the Service Manager at Empey Tire. "I know what this team is capable and hopefully we'll be able to carry the momentum we built last year into the next agenda."


A fan of snowmobiling and four-wheeling away from the speedway, Ramsay says he always looks forward to the opportunity of finding a set-up that will make his car fast on an unfamiliar track. He lists a strong night as an out-of-towner at Brockville Speedway – along with Comp 4/Mini Stock championships in 2006 and 2012 at Brighton – as his favourite racing accomplishments. His #03 machine – with the number chosen for the year his career began – in maintained behind the scenes and at the track thanks to the help of Shelby Mills and Tyler French; with occasional support from Brighton Late Model driver Charlie Sandercock. The driver says he's always willing to try some different things that will take his red rocket to the front of the field.


"I'm always at the track to have fun and there isn't much that can replace the rush that comes with hitting the corner at full speed, on the edge of being out of control," confessed Ramsay, who lists Late Model standout Scott Bloomquist as one of his favourite professional racers. "I might push the car a little bit harder than some of the other drivers in the pack, but when we're able to hit on something that works, it makes everything else we've done along the way seem worthwhile."


For 2015, Justin Ramsay's weekly program will again be supported by Empey Tire, ABC Taxi, KD Transmissions, RC Auto Body, Stix and Stones Billiards & Bar and Associated Muffler and Brakes – with team promotional services by Clarke Motorsports Communications.


Fans can follow Justin Ramsay and track the team's results at Brighton Speedway and other venues across the province by liking 'Dirty Fast Racing' at www.facebook.com.


Photo attachment: www.canadianracer.com

Justin Ramsay is looking forward to his 2015 season. The 27 year old from Rossmore, Ontario will be chasing checkered flags in the Pro Stock division at Brighton Speedway.


Prepared by: Jim Clarke, Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media

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Special Guests Compliment Peterborough Speedway’s Weekly Divisions

Special Guests Compliment Peterborough Speedway's Weekly Divisions

By Jim Clarke, Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media


With 5 regular divisions running there throughout the season, fans at Peterborough Speedway already see some of the best racing in the province. A number of touring series visit Canada's Toughest 3rd of a Mile Paved Oval during the year to enhance the overall experience.


This year's calendar takes the green flag Saturday, May 16th and features at least 16 events that will count toward the 2015 track championship. Along the way, fans will also see 7 appearances by the Ontario Legends, starting with opening night. The newly branded OSCAAR Midgets are on the schedule Saturday, May 23rd for the first of their 3 regular season stops.


Peterborough Speedway has become the home track for the Ontario Modifieds Racing Series, with the first of 6 appearances slated for the second night of the year. Fans of the OSCAAR Super Late Models and the OSCAAR Mods will see their favourite divisions tackle the tight, tricky bullring on Mount Pleasant Road, west of the Liftlock City. The 'Supers' have a pair of visits outside of the Autumn Colours Classic, while the 'Mods' are part of the pole qualifying event on August 1st. The Can-Am/TQ Midgets and Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup tours pay one visit, on Saturday June 13th and August 9th respectively. Track owner and promoter J.P. Josiasse says he's excited about one of the program's biggest events that may actually see him climb back behind the wheel.


"Saturday, July 18th we'll host a 100 lapper for the new APC Pro Late Model Series," said Josiasse. "I still haven't made up my mind, but I'm thinking seriously about dusting-off my driving shoes and firesuit. I've turned enough laps around the track with the driving school and in some other vehicles, I think it'll give me at least a little bit of a home town advantage."


As always, the biggest event on the schedule is the Autumn Colours Classic. The 23rd edition of the Super Bowl of Stock Car Racing – presented by Lucas Oil Products – takes the green flag October 9th, 10th and 11th and annually draws close to 300 entries for the popular festival of speed.


Fans can get details on this year's full calendar when Peterborough Speedway has pre-season displays April 10th, 11thand 12th at the 37th annual Kawartha Home, Cottage and Country Show at the Evinrude Centre in Peterborough and April 12th through 18th at the Lindsay Square Shopping Mall.


Find the latest news leading up to the new campaign by visiting www.peterboroughspeedway.com or by liking the track on Facebook or following it on Twitter.  You can also download the free Peterborough Speedway app on your Smartphone.


Photo attachment: Jim Clarke – Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media

It may have been close to 10 years between main event wins, but John Owen's OSCAAR Super Late Model victory Saturday, August 30th 2014 at Peterborough Speedway marked the end of a career for the popular Port Hope, Ontario racer.


Prepared by: Jim Clarke, Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media


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C'est dans les garages des équipes que l'action se déroule à cette période de l'année pour les équipes de toutes les organisations de course québécoises.


Les équipes de l'Association de stock car VINTAGE QUÉBEC ne font pas exception à la règle. La majorité des réguliers de la série sont en pleine période de ''rafraichissement'' de leurs bolides. 


Du sang nouveau

En plus des pilotes que nous avons vu évoluer en 2014 et avant, il semble que ne nouvelles figures pourraient bien s'ajouter en 2015. Josée Ratté, la V.P., nous apprenait cette semaine que de nouvelles voitures sont présentement en construction.


Du coté des Cantons de l'est, un ancien pilote de la série de camionnettes Procam, Pascal Haman, est à préparer une Plymouth 1972 récemment acquise, tandis que Louison Lapierre, un pilote de la Beauce s'affaire de préparer un bolide de marque Falcon des années 60.


Une Chevelle 1968 est également en préparation du coté de Jean-Philippe Baril, alors que Christian Charbonneau, de Calixa-Lavallée,  se pointera aux commandes d'une Camaro 1969.


Ces nouvelles équipes ajouteront certainement de la couleur dans l'organisation en s'ajoutant aux autres réguliers. L'ASCVQ espère également le retour des deux pilotes qui ont du déclarer forfait en juin 2014, suite a un sérieux accident qui a ruiné les saisons de Normand Gervais (55 Fl)  et Alain Cyrenne (3).


Le calendriers

Le grand manitou de l'ASCVQ, Patrick Verner est à préparer le calendrier 2015 avec les promoteurs des différents autodromes du Québec. Ainsi donc, on sait pour le moment que la saison débutera sur l'ovale d'un tiers de mille de SANAIR le 17 mai. Une autre course est également prévue à cet endroit au cours de 2015. Les pistes de Vallée-Jonction (2) en Beauce et Riverside Speedway, de Ste-Croix seront également des hôtes de l'ASCVQ au cours de la saison estivale. La publication du calendrier 2015  pourra être enfin réalisée lors de la conclusion des discussions  en cours avec les autodromes de Montmagny, St-Eustache et St-Félicien.


Les procédures


De son coté, le directeur de course, Yves Ladouceur, qui entreprendra une 2e saison au sein de l'ASCVQ est à jeter un dernier coup d'oeil aux procédures de course qui devraient être publiées lors de la réunion printanière qui aura lieu lors des prochaines semaines.


Un signaleur pour la série


Un nouvel officiel, en la personne de Mario Dulac, a été retenu par le président Patrick Verner et  sera en fonction pour toutes les courses en 2015. Nul doute qu'un signaleur à plein temps, avec les connaissances des procédures de course de la série sera un avantage pour le déroulement des épreuves. M. Dulac a auparavant oeuvré avec des équipes de terre battue et en tant qu'officiel  dans l'ANCA, ainsi qu'en NASCAR weekley series. Du coté des autres officiels, Josée Ratté assumera la direction du système de marquage en compagnie de Francyne Ladouceur. D'autre part, L'ASCVQ est à la recherche d'un directeur technique, ainsi que d'un photographe attitré à la série.


C'est donc avec fébrilité que les membres de la direction s'affairent à fignoler les  derniers préparatifs en vue de la 8e saison de l'Association de stock car Vintage Québec qui se mettra en branle le 17 mai.


Pour tout renseignement concernant la série, ou postuler pour un des postes disponibles, on peut communiquer avec les dirigeants par courriel :  stockcarvintagequebec@hotmail.com ou en consultant le site web www.ascvq.org


Source : ASCVQ par Yves Ladouceur

Crédit photo : Guy Laroche Chaudière 2014
















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