Pro All Stars Series news - PASS South Old Glory 150 race report

Andy Loden PASS South winner at Concord

Andy Loden took advantage of a restart on lap 80 of Saturday night’s Pro All Stars Series (PASS) South Old Glory 150 at Concord (NC) Speedway, passing Roger Lee Newton for  a lead he would never give up to score  his first  PASS South super late model feature win.  Ryan Blaney chased Loden to the checkers, with series point leader Preston Peltier third, Jimmy Weller fourth and John Stancill fifth.



Ryan Moore was fastest in Pro Photo Productions time trials with a lap of 15.726, nipping Preston Peltier (15.777) for fast time. Jimmy Weller (15.776), Justin Wakefield (15.810) Bobby Measmer (15.818) Roger Lee Newton (15.832), Brandon Ward (15.855) Loden (15.858) Blaney (15.890) and Kevin Love (15.948) timed in third through tenth in the 28 car field.

Newton snagged the number one starting spot when the top ten redraw was complete, with Moore to his outside. Loden took the green from the seventh starting spot.

Newton and Moore paced the field for the first half of the race and the pair led the field to the second half of the 150 lap feature just as they did when the first green flag fell. The field took a half way break for two tires and adjustments, and the action heated up when the green flag dropped.

Loden charged to the lead after restarting fourth behind Newton, Moore and Ryan Blaney. Blaney was the biggest threat to Loden over the final 75 laps but the three time Hickory Motor Speedway champ kept Blaney in his rear view mirror for the win.

The PASS South traveling road show moves to Ace Speedway in Altamahaw NC for their first visit to the fast 4/10 mile facility. There’s plenty of action in store at Ace with Modifieds, Extremes, Legends and Bandoleros joining the south’s fastest full fender short track stars on the schedule. As always, every restart is double file and fans will see all 150 laps run under the green flag.

For more information on Ace Speedway click on www.acespeedway.com . The Pro All Stars Series is on line at www.proallstarsseries.com  .


Unofficial Results – PASS South super late model Old Glory 150 – Concord Speedway, Concord NC – 5/29/2010

1 29 Andy Loden 2 10 Ryan Blaney 3 26 Preston Peltier 4 23 Jimmy Weller 5 20 John Stancill 6 74Ryan Moore 7 4Jay Fogleman 8 02 Tim Nooner 9 91 Heath Hindman 10 35 Devin Jones11 43 Cody Humphreys 12 16 Joey Coulter 13 39 Kenzie Ruston 14 20 Steve Legendre 15 98 Justin Wakefield 16 7 Dana White 17 47 Trey Mitchell 18 11 Kevin Love 19 51 Bobby Measmer Jr 20 33 Roger Lee Newton 21 19 Chris Bohlman 22 15 Clay Jones 23 48 John Batten 24 00 Grant Davidson 25 56 Kyle Bonsignore 26 5 Spencer Wauters 27 42 Tim Pinion  28 62 Brandon Ward




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Thunder Road - Pembroke Takes Second Straight Memorial Day Classic

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                             TR – 053010

Barre, VT – Montpelier’s Dave Pembroke earned his second straight Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic win at Barre, VT’s Thunder Road International Speedbowl on Sunday, May 30. Pembroke started the race from the 14th spot and worked his way through traffic to take the lead on lap 68. Pembroke would hold the lead for the remainder of the race.


Granitevile’s John Donahue took the lead early in the event after starting on the outside pole. He led the majority of the first 60 laps while battling with Barre’s Nick Sweet, who spun on lap 46 while battling for the lead. Joey Becker also led several laps before Pembroke got by. Donahue would hold on for second, Eric Williams came from the 25th starting spot to claim third while Joey Laquerre and Rich Lowrey rounded out the top five.

Becker would hold on for sixth followed by Tracie Bellerose, Jamie Fisher, Nick Sweet, and Brent Dragon to complete the top ten.

The 48th Annual Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic was a ACT Invitational at New Hampshire Motor Speedway qualifier. Pembroke now becomes the fourth driver to receive an invite. He joins Nick Sweet, Eddie MacDonald and Patrick Laperle as qualifiers for the Saturday, September 18th event in Loudon, NH.

It was Pembroke’s second straight feature win in Thunder Road Late Model competition with his previous victory coming in the season opening event at Devils Bowl Speedway just seven days ago, Sunday, May 23. 

The Modified Racing Series portion of the Memorial Day Classic Doubleheader saw Bellingham, MA’s Stephen Mase earn his second career MRS feature win. His first was the 2009 Memorial Day win at Thunder Road. He was followed to the line by Rob Goodenough of Swanzey, NH and Ken Barry of Preston, CT.

The Bond Auto Tiger Sportsman saw Brendan Moodie rebound from not qualifying for the opening day event at Thunder Road and claim the win. He held off Tom Therrien how took second and Ricky Roberts in third. Lance Allen and David Finck completed the top five.

The Allen Lumber Street Stocks saw Travis Hull take the win in the feature event followed by Mike MacAskill, Daniel Lathrop, Jamie Davis and David LaFleche rounding out the top five. Amanda Habel took the win in the Reserve Feature.

The top finishing Junkyard Warriors were Ken Christman Josh Erwin, and Brock Parrott.

The “Nation’s Site of Excitement” will take next weekend off before back to back Sunday events. Sunday, June 13 will be Ferguson Waterworks night while Sunday, June 20 is Harvest Equipment night. Both post times will be at 4:00pm. Ferguson Waterworks (June 13) night will also feature Kiddie Rides from 1:30pm to 2:30pm.

The Bond Auto Tiger Sportsman will take their show on the road next weekend with the first event of the 2010 Bond Auto/WIX Tiger Tour. The 100 lap event will be at White Mountain Motorsports Park in North Woodstock, NH on Saturday, June 5.

Unofficial Results
Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic 100
Thunder Road Late Models
Sunday, May 30, 2010
Pos      Car #   Driver  Laps

1          44VT    Dave Pembroke          100

2          26VT    John Donahue             100

3          7VT      Eric Williams               100

4          15VT    Joey Laquerre             100

5          8VT      Richard Lowrey           100

6          16VT    Joey Becker                 100

7          2NH     Tracie Bellerose          100

8          18VT    Jamie Fisher                100

9          88VT    Nick Sweet                  100

10        55VT    Brent Dragon              100

11        42VT    Matt White                 100

12        68VT    Brooks Clark                100

13        40VT    Eric Chase                   100

14        41VT    Pete Potvin III              100

15        99VT    #Cody Blake                100

16        25VT    David Whitcomb         100

17        00VT    Mike Bailey                 100

18        26NH   DJ Shaw                       100

19        75VT    Pete Fecteau               100

20        4VT      Doug Murphy              100

21        74VT    Jerry Lesage                99

22        34VT    Dylan Smith                 99

23        81VT    Grant Folsom              99

24        12VT    Reno Gervais               99

25        6VT      Cris Michaud               96

26        20VT    Chris Chambers          94

27        49VT    Nate Brown                 91

28        1VT      Tony Andrews             55

29        14VT    Phil Scott                     49


Unofficial Results – Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic 100 – Thunder Road Late Models – Sunday, May 30, 2010 – 1. Dave Pembroke (44VT) Montpelier, VT, 2. John Donahue (26VT) Graniteville, VT, 3. Eric Williams (7VT) Hyde Park, VT, 4. Joey Laquerre (15VT) E. Montpelier, VT, 5. Richard Lowrey (8VT) Charlotte, VT, 6. Joey Becker (16VT) Jeffersonville, VT, 7. Tracie Bellerose (2NH) Gorham, NH, 8. Jamie Fisher (18VT) Shelburne, VT, 9. Nick Sweet (88VT) Barre, VT, 10. Brent Dragon (55VT) Milton, VT, 11. Matt White (42VT) Northfield, VT, 12. Brooks Clark (68VT) Fayston, VT, 13. Eric Chase (40VT) Milton, VT, 14. Pete Potvin III (41VT) Graniteville, VT, 15. #Cody Blake (99VT) Barre, VT, 16. David Whitcomb (25VT) Essex Jct., VT, 17. Mike Bailey (00VT) South Barre, VT, 18. DJ Shaw (26NH) Conway, NH, 19. Pete Fecteau (75VT) Morrisville, VT, 20. Doug Murphy (4VT) Tunbridge, VT, 21. Jerry Lesage (74VT) Winooski, VT, 22. Dylan Smith (34VT) Randolph, VT, 23. Grant Folsom (81VT) Waitsfield, VT, 24. Reno Gervais (12VT) Island Pond, VT, 25. Cris Michaud (6VT) E. Montpelier, VT, 26. Chris Chambers (20VT) Brookfield, VT, 27. Nate Brown (49VT) Craftsbury, VT, 28. Tony Andrews (1VT) Northfield, VT, 29. Phil Scott (14VT) Montpelier, VT.


Unofficial Results

Bond Auto Tiger Sportsman Feature

Pos      Car #   Driver

1          94        Brendan Moodie

2          48        Tom Therrien

3          9          Ricky Roberts

4          18        Lance Allen

5          37        David Finck

6          31        Shawn Fleury

7          4          Bobby Therrien

8          68        Derrick O’Donnell

9          36        Joel Hodgdon

10        04        Eric Badore

11        26        Mike Ziter

12        90        Tony Rossi

13        55        Brian Delphia

14        06        Jeff French

15        23        Matt Potter

16        80        Pete Ainsworth, Jr.

17        58        Jimmy Hebert

18        1          Scott Coburn

19        8          Mike Billado

20        2          John Lambert

21        01        #Mike Martin

22        28        Tim Potter

23        16        George May

24        0          Mark Barnier

25        5          Troy Gray

26        40        Shawn Powell

27        10        Josh Demers

28        00        Joe Steffen


Unofficial Bond Auto Tiger Sportsman Feature Results – 1. Brendan Moodie (94) Wolcott, VT, 2. Tom Therrien (48) Hinesburg, VT, 3. Ricky Roberts (9) Washington, VT, 4. Lance Allen (18) Barre, VT, 5. David Finck (37) Barre, VT, 6. Shawn Fleury (31) Middlesex, VT, 7. Bobby Therrien (4) Hinesburg, VT, 8. Derrick O’Donnell (68) Bradford, VT, 9. Joel Hodgdon (36) Craftsbury, VT, 10. Eric Badore (04) Milton, VT, 11. Mike Ziter (26) Williamstown, VT, 12. Tony Rossi (90) Peacham, VT, 13. Brian Delphia (55) Waterbury, VT, 14. Jeff French (06) Northfield, VT, 15. Matt Potter (23) Marshfield, VT, 16. Pete Ainsworth, Jr. (80) Middlesex, VT, 17. Jimmy Hebert (58) Williamstown, VT, 18. Scott Coburn (1) Barre, VT, 19. Mike Billado (8) Essex, VT, 20. John Lambert (2) Northfield, VT, 21. #Mike Martin (01) Craftsbury, VT, 22. Tim Potter (28) Montpelier, VT, 23. George May (16) Barre, VT, 24. Mark Barnier (0) Essex Jct., VT, 25. Troy Gray (5) Fairlee, VT, 26. Shawn Powell (40) Jericho, VT, 27. Josh Demers (10) Middlesex, VT, 28. Joe Steffen (00) Essex Jct., VT.


Unofficial Results

Allen Lumber Street Stocks/Junkyard Warriors Main Event

Pos      Car #   Driver

1          66ss     Travis Hull

2          3ss       Micheal MacAskill

3          6ss       Daniel Lathrop

4          43ss     Jamie Davis

5          2ss       David LaFleche

6          38ss     Greg Adams

7          18ss     #Jayme Lee

8          77ss     Dave Whitcomb

9          7ss       Jean LeBlanc

10        40ss     Rick Utley

11        92ss     Garry Bashaw

12        03ss     Lloyd Blakely

13        09ss     Amanda Habel

14        51ss     #Sid Sweet Jr.

15        33ss     #Thomas Placey

16        05ss     #Donnie Yates

17        04ss     Scott Weston

18        4jyw     Ken Christman

19        24ss     Marvin Johnson

20        75ss     Joe Fecteau

21        83ss     Bunker Hodgdon

22        34ss     Tim Campbell, Sr.

23        57jyw   Josh Erwin

24        23jyw   Brock Parrott

25        9ss       Ron Gabaree

26        47ss     William Hennequin

27        12jyw   Fred Schroeder

28        8jyw     Kevin Dodge

29        07ss     Eric Johnson


Unofficial Results – Allen Lumber Street Stocks/Junkyard Warriors Main Event – 1. Travis Hull (66ss) Graniteville, VT, 2. Micheal MacAskill (3ss) Williamstown, VT, 3. Daniel Lathrop (6ss) Hyde Park, VT, 4. Jamie Davis (43ss) Wolcott, VT, 5. David LaFleche (2ss) Graniteville, VT, 6. Greg Adams (38ss) Hardwick, VT, 7. #Jayme Lee (18ss) Barre, VT, 8. Dave Whitcomb (77ss) Elmore, VT, 9. Jean LeBlanc (7ss) Gorham, NH, 10. Rick Utley (40ss) Wheelock, VT, 11. Garry Bashaw (92ss) Lincoln, VT, 12. Lloyd Blakely (03ss) Graniteville, VT, 13. Amanda Habel (09ss) Roxbury, VT, 14. #Sid Sweet Jr.  (51ss) Williamstown, VT, 15. #Thomas Placey (33ss) Bradford, VT, 16. #Donnie Yates (05ss) N. Montpelier, VT, 17. Scott Weston (04ss) Berlin, VT, 18. Ken Christman (4jyw) Cabot, VT, 19. Marvin Johnson (24ss) Essex Jct., VT, 20. Joe Fecteau (75ss) Hardwick, VT, 21. Bunker Hodgdon (83ss) Hardwick, VT, 22. Tim Campbell, Sr. (34ss) W. Topsham, VT, 23. Josh Erwin (57jyw) Waterbury, VT, 24. Brock Parrott (23jyw) Williamstown, VT, 25. Ron Gabaree (9ss) Barre, VT, 26. William Hennequin (47ss) Morrisville, VT, 27. Fred Schroeder (12jyw) Bristol, VT, 28. Kevin Dodge (8jyw) Barre, VT, 29. Eric Johnson (07ss) Randolph Ctr., VT.


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ACT Castrol Edge : 2e victoire de Patrick Laperle



Pour un deuxième week-end consécutif, Patrick Laperle de St-Denis-sur-Richelieu, au volant de sa Ford Fusion JPN Racing, a dominé ses rivaux dans la série ACT-Castrol Edge. Samedi soir, il a paradé à nouveau dans le cercle des vainqueurs à l’issue d’une épreuve de 100 tours disputée à l’Autodrome Montmagny.



Dans cette course ponctuée de 11 ralentissements et d’un arrêt complet (drapeau rouge au 23e), Laperle a eu le meilleur devant le Félécinois Karl Allard qui pour une deuxième fois, s’est retrouvé sur le podium et de Daniel Descoste de St-Joseph-du-Lac. Laperle était parti 16e et avait soutiré le poste de commande à Kevin Roberge de Lévis qui le détenait depuis le lancement de la course lors de la reprise après l’arrêt.


Pour sa part, en terminant deuxième, Allard a également été celui qui a effectué la meilleure remontée au volant de la Ford Fusion des Équipements à neige Larue après avoir accepté le départ de la 19e. Quant à Daniel Descoste, victime d’ennuis mécaniques à St-Eustache, il s’est bien repris en se hissant sur la troisième marche du podium.


Que dire de l’excellente prestation de la jeune recrue Alex Labbé de St-Albert qui est devenu le premier à terminer les cinq premiers dans cette série ACT-Castrol Edge en 2010. Éprouvant des ennuis lors de ses débuts à St-Eustache, Labbé qui n’avait fait que six tours en finale, avait certainement le couteau entre les dents. Après avoir remporté la première préliminaire, Labbé a su éviter tous les pièges pour franchir la ligne d’arrivée en quatrième devant Jonathan Desbiens de Lévis qui était parti 15e. Un premier top cinq pour ce jeune pilote.



Pour sa part, Donald Theetge, le champion en titre de cette série, a dû se contenter de la 18e place après avoir été impliqué dans un accrochage alors qu’il était en remontée. En effet, il a touché au mur de protection en sortant du deuxième virage après une lutte serrée avec deux autres pilotes. Après la perte de plusieurs tours dans les puits, il n’a jamais été dans la course par la suite.


L’Ontarien Jonathan Urlin, Jean-François Déry, Martin Latulippe, Patrick Cliche et Stéphane Durand ont complété le peloton des dix premiers.


Chez les vétérans, ce ne fut pas une soirée de tout repos pour Yvon Bédard, 17e avec 84 tours, Jacques Poulin (19e), et Claude Leclerc, 23e après avoir complété seulement 65 passages.




Certaines recrues ont continué à bien tirer leur épingle du jeu et parmi celles-ci, on remarque Martin Latulippe de Vallée-Jonction avec une 8e position, Dany Trépanier de St-Édouard-de-Lotbinière 13e et Christopher Bédard de Charny, 15e.


Outre Labbé, les gagnants des autres préliminaires ont été Stéphane Descoste d’Oka, Patrick Hamel de St-Édouard-de-Lotbinière et Gaétan Lauzier de St-Pacôme. Dans la première, celle remportée par Labbé, Tony Coté de Beauceville a été disqualifié parce qu’il ne s’est pas présenté à l’inspection après la course tandis que Patrick Cliche de St-Jean-Chrysostôme a subi le même sort dans la troisième parce que sa voiture n’avait pas la hauteur réglementaire. La course de consolation a été l’affaire de Jean-François Déry de Québec devant Stéphane Durand et Éric LeHoux.


Il y avait 28 voitures dans les puits pour ce Montmagny 100.


Samedi prochain, tout ce beau monde se retrouvera à l’Autodrome Chaudière de Vallée-Jonction pour la troisième manche consécutive de cette série ACT-Castrol Edge, le LFQ Pintendre Auto LMS 150.



1          91QC    Patrick Laperle               100

2          48QC    Karl Allard                     100

3          2QC      Daniel Descoste            100

4          36QC    Alex Labbé                   100

5          92QC    Jonathan Desbiens        100

6          4ON      Jonathan Urlin               100

7          21QC    Jean-François Déry       100

8          84QC    Martin Latulippe 100

9          5QC      Patrick Cliche                100

10         30QC    Stéphane Durand          100

11         74QC    Gaétan Lauzier               99

12         98QC    Brandon White               99

13         19QC    Dany Trépanier 98

14         40QC    David Michaud               95

15         15QC    Christopher Bédard       94

16         99QC    Eric Giguère                  94

17         9QC      Yvon Bédard                 84

18         80QC    Donald Theetge 84

19         97QC    Jacques Poulin             83

20         16QC    Kevin Roberge              80

21         51QC    Patrick Hamel                80

22         79QC    Tony Cote                     78

23         11QC    Claude Leclerc              65

24         10QC    Stéphane Descoste       56

25         95QC    Jimmy Cormier              47

26         27QC    Marco Savoie                47

27         60QC    Jr. Collard                     43

28         20QC    Éric LeHoux                  7



Source :                     American Canadian Tour


                                    (802) 244-6963

Collaboration :          Yvon Larrivée
















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ACT Castrol Edge Laperle Wins Montmagny 100

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                 ACT – 052910

Montmagny, QC – St. Denis, QC’s Patrick Laperle makes it two in a row with a win in the Montmagny 100 at Autodrome Montmagny on Saturday, May 29. Laperle, who earned the season opening win at Autodrome St-Eustache last weekend, started in the 16th position and worked his way through the field to the lead on lap 24.

The 2007 Série ACT Castrol Champion would lead the rest of the way while holding off Karl Allard and Daniel Descoste for the win. Allard came home second followed by Descoste in third. Alex Labbe took fourth while Jonathan Desbiens earned his first career Série ACT Castrol top five with a fifth.


Ontario’s Jonathan Urlin took sixth followed by Jean-François Déry, Martin Latulippe, Patrick Cliche and Stephane Durand rounded out the top ten.

The 100 lap event took 1 hour and 44 minutes including one red flag for an issue with the track lighting and eleven other cautions.

The 2009 Série ACT Castrol Champion Donald Theetge finished 18th after being involved in a mid race caution while running near the front. He would return after the wreck but ended up 16 laps down.

The Série ACT Castrol will compete in their third event of the 2010 season next Saturday, June 5 at Autodrome Chaudiere. It will be the first 150 lap race of the season.

Unofficial Results
Montmagny 100
Autodrome Montmagny
Pos      Car #   Driver                          Laps

1          91QC   Patrick Laperle            100

2          48QC   Karl Allard                   100

3          2QC     Daniel Descoste          100

4          36QC   Alex Labbé                  100

5          92QC   Jonathan Desbiens      100

6          4ON     Jonathan Urlin             100

7          21QC   Jean-François Déry     100

8          84QC   Martin Latulippe         100

9          5QC     Patrick Cliche              100

10        30QC   Stephane Durand        100

11        74QC   Gaëtan Lauzier            99

12        98QC   Brandon White            99

13        19QC   Dany Trépanier           98

14        40QC   David Michaud            95

15        15QC   Christopher Bedard    94

16        99QC   Eric Giguere                94

17        9QC     Yvon Bédard                84

18        80QC   Donald Theetge          84

19        97QC   Jacques Poulin             83

20        16QC   Kevin Roberge             80

21        51QC   Patrick Hamel             80

22        79QC   Tony Cote                    78

23        11QC   Claude Leclerc                        65

24        10QC   Stephane Descoste      56

25        95QC   #Jimmy Cormier         47

26        27QC   Marco Savoie              47

27        60QC   Jr. Collard                    43

28        20QC   Eric LeHoux                 7






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Race Night May 28/10 at Delaware Speedway! Recap, results, photos.



May 28, 2010 (London, Ontario) This season's first of the three-race Triple Crown series was run at Delaware Friday night with two 25-lap NASCAR Late Model feature races.   Despite having the fastest time in time trials, defending NASCAR Late Model champ Steve Robblee had to settle for a pair of second place finishes – a situation he's put plenty of other drivers in over the years.  The first two Triple Crown races of the 2010 season were taken by Scott Lindsay and Jesse Kennedy.  Robblee moves into the top spot in points. 



The first of the NASCAR Late Model features was Lindsay's to lose.  He was out front by a couple of car lengths, then by half a straightaway, and held on the whole way through several cautions. 

The battle was for second between Steve Robblee and Ron Sheridan.  A brief caution at lap 14 was followed a lap later by another yellow flag as Jamie Grover, Shawn Thompson and Marc Jacobs entangled.  Thompson headed into the pits to get his lid taped down. 

More trouble at lap 17 with Doug Stewart and Mark Watson.  It appeared Watson may have gotten loose and Stewart came in with his hood up over the windshield.  Damage was also sustained to the front of the #51 of Matt Robblee which will be raced by Kyle Busch in Delaware's Summer Showdown on July 7th.  Lindsay was followed by Steve Robblee and Ron Sheridan.

Robblee was also held to a second place finish by second NASCAR Late Model winner Jesse Kennedy. Robblee had made an impressive run for the lead from his start at 18th. 

A caution in the first lap over some contact between Jamie Ramsay and Scott Lindsay forced Ramsay to head to the pits for a new right rear tire.  An unrelated connection elsewhere on the track damaged the hood of David Elliot. Rick Emery got taken out at lap 14 when Andrew Gresel spun out and Emery had nowhere else to go.  Jesse Kennedy took the win with Robblee second and Mark Watson third.

In Super Stocks, Kris Lawrence took his first ever feature win.  In victory lane, Kris said he was proud to carry on his father's legacy in the division.

In second place, for the final few laps, Stephen Richmond tried very hard to overtake Lawrence, tapping his bumper a few times but simply couldn't pass him and ended up in second place with Jason Lidster third.

Jeff Showler's comeback from a wreck at the start of the season ended in victory in The Demar Aggregate Trucks feature race. 

Lonny Thompson did a solo 360 spin on turn one at lap 3.  A lap later Thompson's truck was collateral damage as Devon Bloemendal's engine blew and he also took out Thompson.

Two laps later, Gordon Dupuis and then-division points leader Michelle Korcina made contact sparking the third caution of the race and ending Korcina's night at the end of a hook.  She had been the points leader in the division heading into tonight's race and won one of the heats.  Her brother Matt Korcina only made 5 more laps before his #93 suffered a mechanical failure.

Another caution at lap 12 – Gary Adriaensen took a spin on turn four and Derek Clark, just back in the game after two weeks out for repairs, hit Adriaensen's 55.

Showler's commanding lead slowly eroded as defending champ Fothergill made a run for it but Fothergill couldn't close the gap.  Fothergill finished second and Steve McCaw, third.

Next weekend we have two jam-packed days of racing action at Delaware!

Delaware Speedway is very proud to be hosting the opening race for the 2010 NASCAR Canadian Tire Series.  The opening race in the 13-stop national series goes Saturday June 5th at Delaware with some of the best racers from across the country and some Delaware favourites including Ron Sheridan, who will be making his debut in this series. 

Join us for the NCATS pre-race part on Friday June 4th from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, at Crabby Joe's of Strathroy.  Some of the racers will attend and bring their cars, pose for photos and talk to fans about the excitement of the sport.  Crabby Joe's is the proud sponsor of the Crabby Joe's of Strathroy patio at Delaware and the restaurant is located at 323 Caradoc Street in Strathroy.   Find us on Twitter and Facebook and we'll be posting the names of racers who will attend the pre-race party, as they confirm!

Friday night we've got a great line-up sponsored by TCG Asphalt: NASCAR Late Models, Demar Aggregate Trucks, Transmission Direct Enduro Challenge and the spectator favourite King of the Hill.

Join us for two great days of racing, next weekend at Delaware!


Lisa Brandt, Publicity 226.448.7227


Trucks Heat Race #1
1. 33  Paul Fothergill  London
2. 56  Jeff Showler  Mt. Elgin
3. 55  Gary Adriaensen  London
4. 82  Steve McCaw  Komoka
5. 7  Derek Clark  Strathroy
6. 4  Lonny Thompson  Dorchester
7. 17  Mickey Brydges  London
8. 5  Anthony Sloetjes Boxall

Trucks Heat Race #2
1. 99  Michelle Korcina Ailsa Craig
2. 31  Mike Howard  London
3. 00  Shawn Johns  St. Marys
4. 01  Devon Bloemendal Delaware
5. 93  Matt Korcina  Ailsa Craig
6. 75  Jordan Dupuis  Lasalle
7. 3  Shae Gemmell  Dorchester
8. 9  Michael Thompson Dorchester
9. 57  Gary Triska  Straffordville
10. 77  Tom Zagarodny  London

Trucks Feature
1. 56  Jeff Showler  Mt. Elgin
2. 33  Paul Fothergill  London
3. 82  Steve McCaw  Komoka
4. 77  Tom Zagarodny  London
5. 75  Jordan Dupuis  Lasalle
6. 55  Gary Adriaensen  London
7. 9  Michael Thompson Dorchester
8. 17  Mickey Brydges  London
9. 7  Derek Clark  Strathroy
10. 3  Shae Gemmell  Dorchester
11. 00  Shawn Johns  St. Marys
12. 31  Mike Howard  London
13. 57  Gary Triska  Straffordville
14. 93  Matt Korcina  Ailsa Craig
15. 99  Michelle Korcina Ailsa Craig
16. 4  Lonny Thompson  Dorchester
17. 01  Devon Bloemendal Delaware
18. 5  Anthony Sloetjes Boxall

Super Stock Heat Race #1
1. 24  Stephen Richmond Appin
2. 84  Steve Smith  Arkona
3. 76  Jeremy Reid  London
4. 77  Darrell Lake  London
5. 7  Jared Shields  London
6. 99  Scott Nagy  Strathroy
7. 17  Rob Anderton  Delaware
8. 66  Devon Bloemendal Delaware
9. 69  Chris Root  Delaware

Super Stock Heat Race #2
1. 11  Jason Lidster  St Thomas
2. 28  Kris Lawrence  London
3. 60  Jake Ott  Ayr
4. 5  Shawn Hewitt  London
5. 04  Matt Humphrys  St Marys
6. 9  DJ DeJesus  London
7. 97  Dave Silverthorne London
8. 3  Andrew Perkins  Delaware
9. 19  Dave Chant  Thorndale
10. 74  Al Bowman  Cambridge

Super Stock Feature
1. 28  Kris Lawrence  London
2. 24  Stephen Richmond Appin
3. 11  Jason Lidster  St Thomas
4. 77  Darrell Lake  London
5. 60  Jake Ott  Ayr
6. 84  Steve Smith  Arkona
7. 9  DJ DeJesus  London
8. 97  Dave Silverthorne London
9. 7  Jared Shields  London
10. 76  Jeremy Reid  London
11. 3  Andrew Perkins  Delaware
12. 99  Scott Nagy  Strathroy
13. 66  Devon Bloemendal Delaware
14. 5  Shawn Hewitt  London
15. 04  Matt Humphrys  St Marys
16. 17  Rob Anderton  Delaware
17. 69  Chris Root  Delaware
18. 19  Dave Chant  Thorndale
19. 74  Al Bowman  Cambridge

Late Model Time Trials
1. 28  Steve Robblee  Dorchester
2. 20  Scott Lindsay  St. Marys
3. 52  Ron Sheridan  Mt. Brydges
4. 37  David Elliott  Acton
5. 78  Mark Watson  London
6. 25  Cole Powell  Delaware
7. 10  Jesse Kennedy  Southwold
8. 22  Jamie Ramsay  London
9. 72  Shawn Thompson  Ailsa Craig
10. 08  Jason Parker  Paisley
11. 27  Mat Box   Mississauga
12. 21  Matt Pritiko  London
13. 81  Andrew Gresel  Hepworth
14. 14  Rick Emery  Ruscom
15. 2  Doug Stewart  London
16. 51  Matt Robblee  Dorchester
17. 10x  Gord Shepherd  Hawkestone
18. 33  Jamie Grover  Glencoe
19. 5  Jay Christie  Lasalle
20. 9x  Tyler Hendricks  Pain Court
21. 69  Lloyd Rawlings  Windsor
22. 8  Marc Jacobs  London

Late Model Feature #1
1. 20  Scott Lindsay  St. Marys
2. 28  Steve Robblee  Dorchester
3. 52  Ron Sheridan  Mt. Brydges
4. 22  Jamie Ramsay  London
5. 21  Matt Pritiko  London
6. 37  David Elliott  Acton
7. 27  Mat Box   Mississauga
8. 25  Cole Powell  Delaware
9. 14  Rick Emery  Ruscom
10. 81  Andrew Gresel  Hepworth
11. 08  Jason Parker  Paisley
12. 5  Jay Christie  Lasalle
13. 78  Mark Watson  London
14. 10x  Gord Shepherd  Hawkestone
15. 51  Matt Robblee  Dorchester
16. 8  Marc Jacobs  London
17. 69  Lloyd Rawlings  Windsor
18. 72  Shawn Thompson  Ailsa Craig
19. 10  Jesse Kennedy  Southwold
20. 2  Doug Stewart  London
21. 33  Jamie Grover  Glencoe
22. 9x  Tyler Hendricks  Pain Court

Late Model Feature #2
1. 10  Jesse Kennedy  Southwold
2. 28  Steve Robblee  Dorchester
3. 78  Mark Watson  London
4. 25  Cole Powell  Delaware
5. 72  Shawn Thompson  Ailsa Craig
6. 21  Matt Pritiko  London
7. 20  Scott Lindsay  St. Marys
8. 52  Ron Sheridan  Mt. Brydges
9. 22  Jamie Ramsay  London
10. 27  Mat Box   Mississauga
11. 08  Jason Parker  Paisley
12. 2  Doug Stewart  London
13. 51  Matt Robblee  Dorchester
14. 69  Lloyd Rawlings  Windsor
15. 5  Jay Christie  Lasalle
16. 8  Marc Jacobs  London
17. 81  Andrew Gresel  Hepworth
18. 37  David Elliott  Acton
19. 14  Rick Emery  Ruscom
20. 33  Jamie Grover  Glencoe
21. 10x  Gord Shepherd  Hawkestone
22. 9x  Tyler Hendricks  Pain Court


Public and Media Relations, Delaware Speedway





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Pro All Stars Series news:: PASS Sportsman headline Spud Speedway opener

PASS Sportsman headline opening day 2010 at Spud Speedway

The Pro All Stars Series (PASS) Sportsman division will travel to the crown of Maine this Sunday May 30 for their first visit to Caribou’s Spud Speedway, and the PASS teams are looking forward to the challenge of competing on a new race track..

The PASS Sportsman racers kicked off their 2010 season at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway on May 1st and 2009 series champion Carey Martin took down the win over Mike Landry, the driver that chased Martin all summer long in the 2009 points race. Landry came up only two points shy of the title when the final checker of 2009 flew. Expect this pair and many more to do battle with Spuds own Coca Cola Super Street regulars in a 75 green flag lap contest that’s sure to keep race fans on the edge of their seats.


Joining the PASS Sportsman and Coca Cola Super Streets on the schedule will be Spuds Young Guns, Northern Lights, Fast Fours, Street Stock and Late Model Sportsman divisions for a thrilling six division opening day card.

All divisions may participate in an optional  practice session on Saturday May 29 from 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM. On Sunday May 30 the pit gate swings open at 10:00 Am and the racing gets the first green flag of the 2010 Spud Speedway season at 2:00 PM. Admission is just  $10.00  for adults and $5.00 for kids ages 8-16. A pit pass is $20.00.

For more information on Spud Speedway’s 2010 schedule visit www.spud-speedway.com . The PASS Sportsman are on line at www.proallstarsseries.com .



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