Brockville Ontario Speedway Small Block Modified Fans Have Plenty to Cheer About

Brockville Ontario Speedway Small Block Modified Fans Have Plenty to Cheer About

By Jim Clarke, Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media


During the 2016 season, 34 different drivers scored points in the headline DIRTcar 358 Modified division at Brockville Ontario Speedway. This year's season opener is schedule to hit the track at the popular 3/8th of a mile clay oval on Temperance Lake Road Saturday, May 13th and officials are expecting another strong field of competition.


Throughout the line-up, a pack of popular performers brings a loyal group of family, friends and fans to support their efforts and watch them battle for position week-after-week. They represent their sponsors and hometowns to the best of their ability, looking for the chance to take a turn to pose for photos in victory lane and celebrate a main event win. Speedway owner and promoter Paul Kirkland says its especially exciting when everyone has the chance to score the checkered flag.


"We recognize the long hours of hard work and determination it takes to get the car to the track," Kirkland said. "At this level, the teams are racing as a hobby. They're passionate enough about the sport to give-up some of their spare time to be here; to have some fun and that kind of dedication means a lot to everyone connected with this facility."


Andy Lloyd has no issue with being known as an "underdog". At the track every week on his own, without a pit crew, he's been a regular in the DIRTcar 358 Mod field for a dozen years. The 43 year-old from Sydenham, Ontario scored the first – and so far, only – feature event win of his career in July of 2013. Lloyd's equipment carries the #31x into battle as a tribute to his mother, who passed away in 1986 at the age of 31. The driver who finished 16thin points last year says he enjoys the friendships he's made at the track over the years.


Portland, Ontario's Joe Banks has spent 17 years behind the wheel of a racecar. The 30 year-old, who was 11th in the 2016 standings logged 20 checkered flags at the controls of his 4 cylinder machine, but is still waiting for his first Small Block Modified win. With a rich racing lineage – including family members Ed and Ab Banks, who raced at the former Kingston Speedway – the father of 2 says being part of the starting field at 'The BOS' has become a long-standing tradition.


With 17 regular season events on the calendar, just about anyone has a chance to make it to the winner's circle. All it takes is the perfect combination of preparation and racing luck to become the next smiling face, posing for photos in victory lane.


Short Track Saturday Night Notes: Back this year will be the Fan Fair event – Saturday, April 22nd from 10:30 to 1:30 – at Walmart in Brockville, Ontario. Cars and drivers will be on hand and there will be live entertainment by Ambush. The presentation will be a fundraiser for the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario…'The BOS' will host an open practice session Saturday, May 6th from 1:00 'til 4:00.


Keep up-to-date with the latest pre-season news and information and see the full 2017 schedule by checking the exciting new look of www.brockvillespeedway.com, as well as the track's Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Photo attachment: Jim Clarke – Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media


Andy Lloyd (#31x) and Joe Banks roll to the line during 358 Modified action from the 2016 season at Brockville Ontario Speedway. This year's season gets underway Saturday, May 13th.


Prepared by: Jim Clarke, Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media


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Billings Files First Official Demolition Derby Entry at Devil’s Bowl Speedway

Billings Files First Official Demolition Derby Entry at Devil's Bowl Speedway

"Rutland County Rumble" ready for May 13


For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                                                                 DBS-032917-1


WEST HAVEN, Vt. – Devil's Bowl Speedway is getting ready to make the ground shake, and Mark Billings Jr. is first in line.  Billings has filed the first official Demolition Derby entry for the inaugural "Rutland County Rumble" on Saturday, May 13, and is ready to smash his way to a $1,000 payday.

The event will be a can't-miss show, featuring the return of both the Demolition Derby and Truck & Tractor Pulls to Devil's Bowl Speedway after many years away.  The event begins at 12:00 noon with pulling in three truck classes and the popular Altered Farm Tractor class.  The Demolition Derby is expected to begin at approximately 6:00 p.m. to cap off a fun day of action.  The event has gained a ton of interest from across the region since being announced last month, and the phone has been ringing off the hook at the Devil's Bowl Speedway office.

The Demolition Derby is open to any competitor with a four-cylinder or six-cylinder car.  The event will crash its way through heats, consolations, and a feature event paying $1,000 to the winner.  Billings is expected to be joined by many top demo derby drivers from Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, and beyond. 

Billings says he's more than ready to throw down at the Rutland County Rumble.  The 26 year-old has prepared a 1995 Toyota Camry station wagon and will haul it 100 miles from his home in Swanton, Vt., near the Canadian border.  Billings started running demolition derbies around Vermont six years ago and has claimed a handful of heat wins; he's hopeful that he can finally break through at Devil's Bowl on May 13for his first feature win.  He says, however, that he has only two main goals: Hit hard and have fun.

"You have to protect the front end of the car in order to stay running, but I go out there and run as hard as I can and try to put on a show," Billings said.  "I know a few guys up in my area who are putting cars together for Devil's Bowl, and we're looking forward it.  I do it because it's fun meeting new people and making new friends."

Demolition Derby rules and entry forms are available by clicking on the "Demo" tab on the Devil's Bowl Speedway website at www.DevilsBowlSpeedwayVT.com.  Competitors can contact Demolition Derby Director Jeremy Carpenter with questions at (518) 420-5445.  The pre-entry fee is just $30.00 if received on or before May 5; otherwise the entry fee is $40.00.

Rules and entry forms for the Truck & Tractor Pulls – which will feature the 2.5 Diesel, 2.6 Pro Diesel, and Super Stock 4x4 truck classes along with the Altered Farm Tractors – are available by clicking on the "Pulls" tab of the Devil's Bowl website.

Devil's Bowl Speedway is located on Route 22A in West Haven, Vt., four miles north of U.S. Route 4, Exit 2.  For more information, visit www.DevilsBowlSpeedwayVT.com or call (802) 265-3112.  Devil's Bowl Speedway is on Facebook at Facebook.com/DevilsBowlSpeedwayand on Twitter and Instagram at @DevilsBowlSpeed; follow the action using the #DevilsBowl hashtag.


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Jean D’Amours de retour avec la Série Sportsman Qc


Jean D'Amours de retour avec la Série Sportsman Qc


Jean D'Amours fait partie de ces pilotes qui ont participés à toutes les saisons de la Série Sportsman Qc Lucas Oil. L'an dernier, après que sa voiture ait été endommagée de façon importante lors d'un accident, il n'avait pu terminer la saison. Son retour était incertain puisque la voiture n'était pas réparable.


Aujourd'hui, nous sommes très heureux de vous annoncer que le sympathique pilote Jean D'Amours de Québec sera de retour pour la saison 2017 à bord de l'ancienne voiture du #79 Jimmy Roy.


À bord de la voiture #54, lui qui a toujours été fidèle à la Série, nous avait confié l'an dernier que l'accessibilité en ce qui concerne les coûts et la qualité de l'organisation y sont pour beaucoup.


L'ambition de Jean D'Amours n'est pas de cumuler les podiums, de battre des records de piste ou de victoires. Non. Son plaisir, c'est de rouler à bord d'une voiture performante, être parmi les pilotes qui prennent à cœur la compétition et s'amuser. Parce que c'est pour cette raison qu'il est là. Les courses pour lui c'est une passion, un loisir qu'il pratique avec un plaisir contagieux.


Jean D'Amours ne se met aucune pression, mais il sait où il s'en va. Il connaît bien les circuits visités ; c'est un vétéran et sans aucun doute, un atout pour la Série. 


La Série Sportsman Québec Lucas Oil est très heureuse du retour du pilote pour la saison 2017 et lui souhaites une excellente ainsi qu'à ton équipe.


Marie-Claude Levasseur, Relationniste


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March 28, 2017 at 07:54AM

Amateur de motoneige? De vitesse? Connaissez-vous le Daytona-neige? Merci Fan de Sports de m'avoir fait connaître ce rendez-vous. Quelqu'un connaît Monsieur Tremblay? Je présume qu'il court à l'Autodrome st-Félicien

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            Speedway 51 car shows are just a couple of weeks away, and the staff and management are inviting all Speedway 51 race teams, and go-kart teams to sign-up to display their racers at each of our shows.


            "This is the best way to showcase your sponsors to the areas that we host car shows, stated organizer, Dick Therrien. Car shows draw race fans from throughout the areas where they are held and this is one of the best way racers can give back to the businesses that support them. Our first show will be held on Saturday, April 8th at O'Reilly Auto Parts in Littleton, New Hampshire from 10am until 1pm."


Saturday, April 8th – O'Reilly's Auto Parts, Littleton, NH, 10am-1pm

Saturday, April 15th - O'Reilly's Auto Parts, Gorham, NH, 10am-1pm

Saturday, April 22nd – Sanel Auto Parts, Newport, VT, 10am-1pm

Saturday, April 29th – Inside of the Green Mountain Mall, St. Johnsbury, VT, 9am-4pm

Saturday, May 6th – Downtown Groveton, Car Show & Parade, 10am-1pm


            We need all you racers and go-karters help to make this season successful. We need as many cars possible to put on a good show at each venue. Please note that the show at the Green Mountain Mall in St. Johnsbury will be held inside the mall. See the entire schedule of events on our website, and for more information on these events and others, please visit our website at www.speedway51int.com, or call the Track hotline at 802-479-2074. Speedway 51 is located on Craggy Road in Groveton, New Hampshire.

            For more info to register a racecar or kart for any or all of the car shows, contact Dick Therrien at 802-274-8823 or e-mail him at dprdick@gmail.com. 

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La persévérance et la détermination d’Etienne Cliche soulignée

Communiqué pour diffusion immédiate

Le 25 mars 2017, Québec

La persévérance et la détermination d'Etienne Cliche soulignée

Etienne Cliche avait à peine 9 ans lorsqu'il a pris le volant pour la première fois d'un kart. Sans budget à tout casser mais avec déjà une volonté de fer, il a monté les échelons un par un. Surmontant chacune des épreuves qui se sont dressées devant lui, Etienne est un exemple de détermination. Soucieuse de souligner les accomplissements des pilotes qui ont fait partie de sa série, André Poulin, président et promoteur de la Série Sportsman Québec Lucas Oil a voulu souligner la persévérance d'Etienne à réaliser son rêve.

Cette fois, c'est l'équipe de l'année qui sera récompensé par le trophée Etienne Cliche. Ce prix, voté par les officiels de la série, sera remis au banquet de fin de saison. Les critères sont les suivants ;

-        Persévérance tout au long de la saison

-        Professionnalisme de l'équipe

-        Respect des compétiteurs et officiels

-        Travail accompli tout au long de la saison tant en piste qu'hors-piste

Etienne s'est dit fort honoré de ce prix remis par la Série Sportsman Qc Lucas Oil. « Durant toute ma vie et ma carrière, j'ai dû faire face à plusieurs embûches et déceptions. Cela n'aura pas toujours été facile, mais la persévérance et l'acharnement m'auront aidé à surmonter tous ces problèmes. De plus, certaines circonstances m'ont aidés à voir la vie sous un autre angle et auront ouvert mes horizons pour me permettre de réaliser mes rêves.»  commente Etienne Cliche.

Ayant piloté dans plusieurs séries entres autres Coupe Sinto, ACT-LMS, Modified Racing Series et PASS, nous avons eu le privilège de le voir évoluer au sein de la Série Sportsman Québec en 2009 et 2010. Selon ses dires, la Série Sportsman Qc lui a permis de pratiquer son sport favori et a servi de tremplin pour à sa carrière dans la course automobile. C'est une série de développement qui est importante pour les pilotes québécois aspirant à faire carrière dans la course automobile.

La persévérance d'Etienne l'a mené loin ! Présent auprès du pilote Raphael Lessard à sa première saison dans la Série PASS, Etienne a cogné à plusieurs portes afin de poursuivre son rêve de travailler à plein temps en course automobile. Sa détermination et la qualité de son travail l'ont mené à travailler depuis 1 an comme ingénieur mécanique pour la plus prestigieuse Série Nascar.

En effet, à l'été dernier, Tommy Baldwin Racing l'a recruté pour aider l'équipe à optimiser les performances de la voiture. Après moins de 7 mois, il a décroché le poste d'ingénieur de course pour la prestigieuse équipe Richard Childress Racing et la voiture #3 en série Xfinity.

Cet accomplissement est pour lui la preuve que dans la vie il faut se battre pour avoir ce que l'on veut. Travaillant donc comme ingénieur de course pour la voiture #3 de Ty Dillon en Série Nascar Xfinity, il est responsable de tout ce qui a lien avec la performance de la voiture et les stratégies de courses. Il travaille en étroite collaboration avec le chef d'équipe et Ty Dillon afin d'effectuer les meilleurs ajustements possibles et de donner au pilote une voiture des plus compétitive.

«C'est aussi important de souligner le support de ma famille et mes amis qui ont fait partie de mon développement pendant toutes ces années. Beaucoup d'heures passées à optimiser la voiture et sans mon entourage, je n'aurais assurément pas pu réaliser mes rêves. » conclue Etienne.

Pour la Série Sportsman Qc Lucas Oil et son président André Poulin, il en allait de soi de souligner par ce trophée l'apport d'Etienne dans le stock-car québécois ainsi que le chemin parcouru pour se rendre à ce niveau.

Nous sommes fiers d'avoir pu participer au développement de l'ingénieur de haut calibre qu'il est devenu.

Marie-Claude Levasseur


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Craig Prevails In Wild PASS Super Late Model Return To Orange County


Craig Prevails In Wild PASS Super Late Model Return To Orange County


  • For Immediate Release


ROUGEMONT, NC (March 25) – Matt Craig came out on top of a controversial last lap battle that saw both he and third finisher Preston Peltier slap the wall to win the 10th Running of the Orange Blossom Special on Saturday nightat Orange County Speedway.  Craig's second straight Pro All Stars Series (PASS) South Super Late Model win also guarantees him a starting spot in the 44th Annual Oxford 250 at Oxford Plains Speedway in Maine.

            "Our car was really good, but we got really loose when it was time to go," said Craig, driver of the C&C Boilers Sales & Service Chevrolet #54.  "I've raced with Preston [Peltier] for a long time and I knew if I would have stayed on the outside on the last lap, it wouldn't have been any different than what I did.  I don't feel bad about it.  He's raced me dirty and I've raced him dirty, that's how we get along."

            For Peltier, with the chance to end a nearly two year winless drought in PASS dating back to the 2015 Easter Bunny 150 at Hickory Motor Speedway, coming up short was a hard pill to swallow.

            "I figured at Southern National that he won the race and I thought man, the kid's turned a corner, but I changed my mind on that deal," said a disappointed Peltier afterwards.  "The kid's wrecked a lot of cars and it's gotta stop.  I just hope he gets focused because that's pretty uncalled for."

            In qualifying, Craig and PASS rookie, Tanner Thorson ran identical fast laps, but the quick qualifying time was awarded to Craig by virtue of having a faster second lap.  Following the top 10 qualifiers redraw, Craig would start fifth, while Kodie Conner and Jeff Batten would move to the front row.

            At the drop of the green flag, Batten got the edge over Connor to lead the opening laps.  But, on lap four New Hampshire's Derek Griffith was able to make his way by Batten for the lead.  While Griffith stretched his advantage to over a straightaway over second place, Peltier was on the move from tenth, bypassing Thorson to move into the top five on lap 29.

            The first caution of the night would not wave until lap 69 when Terry Horak would go for a minor spin in turn two.  On the restart, Griffith continued to lead with Peltier moving past Craig into second.  After restarting seventh, Conner flexed his muscle, making the low line work to move all the way up to third with 63 laps to go.

            Griffith and Peltier stretched their advantage over third by 15 car lengths as they began working slower traffic.  Using the car of Bradley McCaskill as a pick, Peltier was able to power his way by Griffith for the lead with 37 laps to go.  The yellow flag would fly again when Ryan Moore cut a tire and slapped the wall entering turn three with 18 laps to go.

            Peltier took the advantage on the restart over Craig and Griffith.  Unfortunately for Griffith, he would spin on the front stretch and fall from contention for the win.  The final caution of the night would wave with six laps to go after contact between Thorson and Dave Farrington, Jr. would send Farrington for a spin off turn four.

            On the final restart, Peltier and Craig raced side-by-side for the lead on the high-banked, 3/8 mile speedway.  With two laps to go, Craig ducked under Peltier entering turn three and slid up the track into Peltier.  The two cars made hard contact, with Peltier making slight impact with the wall.  With smoke pouring from the right side of his machine, Craig held off a fast charging Ben Rowe to take the win over Rowe, Peltier, Conner, and Tate Fogleman. Rounding out the top 10 were Dalton Armstrong, Thorson, Joey Polewarczyk, Batten, and Spencer Davis.

             The PASS National Championship Super Late Models will be in action again, along with the NASCAR Whelen ModifiedTour Modified, as part of The Icebreaker on Sunday afternoon, April 2 at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in Connecticut. PASS South will it the track again on Saturday, April 15 at Hickory Motor Speedway for the 12thAnnual Easter Bunny 150.  Entry forms are currently available at ProAllStarsSeries.com.  Be sure to "Like" the Pro All Stars Series on Facebook or follow us on Twitter at @PASSSLM14.




             PASS Super Late Model – Orange Blossom Special – Unofficial Results

  1. 54 - Matt Craig 150                                12. 7 – Dave Farrington, Jr. 150
  2. 4n – Ben Rowe 150                               13. 12 – Derek Griffith 150
  3. 33 – Preston Peltier 150                        14. 51 – Eddie Fatscher 148
  4. 45 – Kodie Conner 150                         15. 99 – Sarah Cornett-Ching 148
  5. 8 – Tate Fogleman 150                          16. 118 – Bradley McCaskill 148
  6. 74 – Dalton Armstrong 150                   17. 24 – JP Josiasse 143
  7. 55 – Tanner Thorson 150                      18. 28 – Terry Horak 141
  8. 97 – Joey Polewarczyk 150                   19. 74x – Ryan Moore 129
  9. 49 – Jeff Batten 150                               20. 15 – Roy Hayes III 125
  10.  29 - Spencer Davis 150                        21. 7c – Tyler Church 47
  11.  2 – Trevor Noles 150                            DNS 59 – Dustin Dunn

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Eastern Ontario Legends Series Takes a New Attitude Into 2017

Eastern Ontario Legends Series Takes a New Attitude Into 2017

By Jim Clarke, Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media


The action and excitement of a brand-new race season is about to come to life across the province and the Eastern Ontario Legends Series is ready to make headlines. The name may be different, but there'll be no mistaking the brand of exhilaration that fans can expect with this year's tour – presented by Trailers Plus – rolls to the starting line.


Under the guidance of a new board of directors, a roster of championship calibre competition including Nicholas and Cole Ledson, Matt Haufe, Adam Cuthbertson, Cole McFadden and Dave Riopelle. Veteran campaigners like fan favourite Bill Mason, Jamie MacArthur, Robin Jongen and Terry McClelland, along with newcomers Rob Murray, Joe Sherman, Andrew Massey and Shawn Murray are just some of the names fans can expect to tackle an agenda of 4 different venues during the season and deliver the goods.


Things get rolling Saturday, May 20th, continuing its long-standing relationship at Peterborough Speedway with 7 regular season events during the 50thAnniversary schedule at Canada's Toughest 3rd of a Mile Paved Oval. There has also been a renewed interest from Sunset Speedway, with a handful of shows including a national qualifier Saturday, August 5th. Eastern Ontario Legends Series teams will also be part of a pair of Friday night OSCAAR dates – June 2nd and July 21st – at Kawartha. Grand Bend Speedway has a solo 2017 event on Saturday, September 9th.Andrew McFadden – speaking on behalf of the EOLS Board that also includes Jeff Drimmie, Geordie Ledson and Kevin Foisy – says the tour is looking to make headlines.


"We're aiming to be strong right out of the box," McFadden said. "There's a solid point fund in place and our race purses offer the teams some impressive payout numbers, right across the board. We're looking to take this series to places its never been before and based on the feedback we've had so far, it looks like we're headed in the right direction. Teams are excited to hit the track and can't wait for the first green flag."


McFadden says that having the National Qualifiers on the schedule will give Eastern Ontario Legends Series Racers some extra incentive to put their best effort forward. They'll be looking to earn a preferred starting spot for the finale at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Bull Ring, October 12th to 15th.


2017 Eastern Ontario Legends Series Schedule


Saturday, May 20th                 Peterborough Speedway

Sunday, May 21st                   Sunset Speedway


Friday, June 2nd                     Kawartha Downs & Speedway

Saturday, June 3rd                 Peterborough Speedway

                                                (Toonie Spectator Grandstand Admission)

Saturday, June 24th               Peterborough Speedway


Saturday, July 8th                             Peterborough Speedway

                                              (Toonie Spectator Grandstand Admission)

(National Qualifier)

Saturday, July 15th                 Peterborough Speedway

Friday, July 21st                      Kawartha Downs & Speedway

Saturday, July 22nd                Sunset Speedway

Saturday, July 29th                 Peterborough Speedway


Saturday, August 5th              Sunset Speedway

                                                (National Qualifier)

Saturday, August 19th            Sunset Speedway

Saturday, August 26th            Peterborough Speedway


Saturday, September 9th       Grand Bend Speedway

Saturday, September 23rd     Sunset Speedway


Friday, October 7th to

Sunday, October 9th               Peterborough Speedway

                                                (Autumn Colours Classic)


Like the Eastern Ontario Legends Series on www.facebook.com and look for the exciting, new web-site www.ontariolegendseries.ca. Clarke Motorsports Communications is proud to represent the Eastern Ontario Legends Series 2017 season.

The Eastern Ontario Legends Series will kick-off its 2017 season Saturday, May 20th at Peterborough Speedway.


Prepared by: Jim Clarke, Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media


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Deux nouvelles inscrites en Mini Sportsman

Deux nouvelles inscrites en Mini Sportsman


La Série Mini Sportsman Québec Méchoui International accueillera cette saison deux nouvelles pilotes qui se partageront la conduite de la voiture #68 soit Kelly-Ange et Anna-Marielle Delisle de Charlevoix

Ayant fait l'achat de l'ancienne voiture de Mathieu Goulet acquise par Martin Latulippe l'été dernier, leur pèreJoëlDelisle domicilié à Lévis, ancien pilote de la Série Sportsman Québec a voulu partager sa passion avec ses filles. 

Kelly-Ange est âgé de 11 ans. C'est une jeune fille sportive, persévérante avec beaucoup d'endurance. Avec son tempérament fonceur, elle aime particulièrement la vitesse ; soyez assuré qu'elle aura la pédale au plancher. Bien qu'elle est consciente des efforts qu'elle devra déployé pour atteindre son but, pour s'adapter à la voiture ainsi que de s'initier aux courses de stock-car, elle a bien l'intention de donner des résultats le plus vite possible !

Anna-Marielle qui aura 12 ans au début de la saison 2017 désire tout autant la victoire. Étant très visuelle, elle saura calculer ses manœuvres en piste afin de suivre la meilleure ligne de course. Elle est prête à mettre tout le travail nécessaire avec enthousiasme et détermination afin de réaliser ses aspirations. 

En plus d'avoir vécu depuis leur tendre enfance au rythme de la course automobile en suivant leur père, Joël Delisle qui a plus de 20 ans d'expérience comme pilote, elles ont participé à des essais en karting l'été dernier. Joël a cru en leur potentiel et les deux jeunes filles ont démontré leur volonté à vouloir apprendre en écoutant les conseils judicieux qui leurs étaient transmis. 

Ayant subi une opération au genou et l'éloignant temporairement du volant, Joël a comme désir le plus cher de faire un retour en piste ; quel moment magique ce serait pour lui de rouler la même journée sur la même piste que ces filles ! " L'important pour moi, c'est que cette année leur soit profitable en expérience mais surtout qu'elle est beaucoup de plaisir" souligne leur père. 

Delisle Racing Team est fier de pouvoir annoncer déjà quelques commanditaires soit Chapiteau Rive-Sud, Maxi-Forme Fitness de Lévis, SR Graphique, Atelier Carosserie MB, Transport St-Agapit ainsi que Récupération Hamel.  

Bienvenue parmi nous Kelly-Ange et Anna-Marielle et bon retour dans l'environnement de la Série Sportsman Québec à toi, Joël 

Marie-Claude LevasseurRelationniste


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