Série ACT Disqualification Announced

Série ACT Disqualification Announced


Waterbury, VT – A thorough engine technical inspection following the Série ACT Montmagny 150 held on Saturday, August 31, 2013 at Autodrome Montmagny, resulted in the following penalties from the American Canadian Tour being issued to the #5QC team of Patrick Cliche. The penaltied are based on violations of ACT's sealed engine rule, put in place as the cornerstone of ACT Late Model racing in the Northeastern US and Quebec.

Cliche's engine was found with engine seals that had been tampered with. He and his team have been issued the following penalties:

1. Disqualification from the Montmagny 150 run on Saturday, August 31, resulting in the loss of all points and purse of over $3,400 including awards for the event.

2. Loss of all points accumulated for the 2013 season with $80,000 posted awards.

3. Suspension from racing any ACT-sanctioned events for the remainder of 2013.

4. Team probation for the entire 2014 season.

The disqualification will give second place finisher #48QC Alex Labbe and the Larue Industrial Snow Blower team their second win of the 2013 season. Donald Theetge in the #80QC Mercedes Benz St-Nicolas will inherit second. Both the #48QC and the #80QC teams passed the engine inspection. The #21QC Jean-François Déry will move into third place in the Montmagny event.


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