Patrick Hamel will be there!

Patrick “Cowboy” Hamel sera de la première manche du championnat ACT Castrol.

Patrick Hamel will race in the first round of the ACT Castrol championship.


Hamel avait subi d’importante blessures suite à un violent accident en motoneige et au moment d’apprendre la nouvelle ont parlait même que sa saison serait compromise.


Le jeune pilote de St-Édouard avait rapidement annoncé sont intention d’être de retour en piste et de ne pas en manquer une.


« Ils m’ont enlevé mes béquilles et je recommence à travailler le 26 (lundi).  La voiture est prête et nous allons l’exposer chez Beaudoin Dodge ».

Hamel had sustained important injuries in a snowmobile accident, at the time, most did not expect him to be able to race this summer.


The young driver from St-Edouard quickly corrected those who counted him out and shared his intentions not to miss one.


“The took away the crutches and I start working again on the 26th of April (Monday).  The car is ready and will be on display at Beaudoin Dodge” said Hamel.


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Le tirage du concours "Gagnez une Ride !" reporté

Devant la popularité du concours "Gagnez une Ride! " et les nombreuses demandes des amateurs qui veulent inviter leurs amis à participer, nous avons décidé de reporter le tirage au 16 mai prochain alors que la série Revstar ABF fera relâche ce week-end.

En quoi consiste le concours ?

Devenez un adpete de Revstar sur Facebook
et courez la chance de piloter un bolide Revstar en toute sécurité sur une piste de course. Des sensations fortes garanties !

Sont admissibles ?
Tous les adeptes actuels de Revstar sur Facebook ainsi que tous ceux et celles qui s'inscriront avant le 16 mais prochain seront admissibles pour le tirage au sort qui sera effectué à la date limite dans les locaux de Revstar.

Le prix consiste à faire l'essais ou participer à une pratique à bord d'un STR ou le modèle Slingshot selon votre choix ou votre niveau de pilotage. Une belle expérience à ne pas manquer.

Inscrivez vous immédiatement et invitez vos amis à se joindre à nous, ne laissez surtout pas passer une telle opportunité.

Pour devenir un apdepte de Revstar sur Facebook, appuyez sur l'image "Gagnez une ride" ou
cliquez ici . Prenez note que si vous n'êtes pas un membre de Facebook vous devrez d'abord vous enregistrer.

Ne tardez pas et bonne chance!

Revstar ABF

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For Immediate Release TR – 042710-26

Waterbury, VT – There will be a new challenge for the American Canadian Tour (ACT) Thunder Road Late Model teams when they begin pursuit of the 2010 “King of the Road” title in 2010. With the announcement of the Sunday, May 23rd opening event at the newly renovated and paved Devil’s Bowl Speedway in Fair Haven, VT, the ACT Late Models from Thunder Road have been invited to compete at the historic speedway. It will be the first point-counting event of the season for the Thunder Road Late Models.

It all started with the announcement by the Champlain Valley Racing Association (CVRA) in the fall of 2009. The Richards family ownership intended to redesign both their dirt tracks for the 2010 racing season, converting them to asphalt. Sister track Albany-Saratoga Speedway in Malta, NY was completed late last fall, and Devil’s Bowl expects to have pavement down the first week of May. It was a natural for the most popular asphalt Late Model division in the Northeast to join in the opening day celebration at Devil’s Bowl.

“We had already committed to run the ACT Late Model Tour at the Malta track, and with the increase of ACT US events, we were in some kind of bind when we found out Devil’s Bowl was also going to go through a conversion to asphalt, “ said Tom Curley, President of ACT. “We very much wanted to be a part of the Devil’s Bowl program, and the Thunder Road group of Late Model racers have all had plenty of ‘touring type’ experience over the years, so this became very doable. There are a lot of excited teams to be able to open the big ½ mile, and that is good for Devil’s Bowl and for asphalt racing in the region,” Curley concluded.

Three-time Thunder Road Champion, Cris Michaud from Williamstown, VT likes the new twist on having Thunder Road points awarded toward the 2010 Championship. “I think it is kind of neat that we get to open the new track. It will certainly be a change from the high-banked ¼ mile to the relatively flat half mile, but it should be fun. Our team is looking forward to the challenge,” said Michaud.

The 100-lap event will be a Devil’s Bowl traditional Sunday early evening ‘twilight’ race for the opening of the new facility. “We wanted to make sure we scheduled it early enough so that the traveling teams and fans that come and support our opening at Devil’s Bowl can get home at a reasonable hour Sunday evening,” said Jerry Richards, a CVRA partner and General Manager at Devil’s Bowl.

On Sunday, May 23, 2010, Front gates will open at 11:00 and racing will begin at 2:00 for the grand opening of the new Devil’s Bowl Speedway. Admission for the ACT Thunder Road Late Model 100 lap event is only $15 for Adults and Kids are free of charge. All the regular Devil’s Bowl divisions will also begin their season opening day.

For additional information contact the ACT office at 802.244.6963, www.acttour.com, or media@acttour.com, or www.cvra.com.


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For Immediate Release ACT – 042710-27

Waterbury, VT – The American Canadian Tour (ACT) announced today that the highly anticipated Ford Blue Oval Challenge winner’s share of the overall point fund has been increased from $3,000 up to $5,000 to win. A lucrative Ford contingency program was announced late last fall for the teams on both the ACT US and Castrol programs. Also, all Ford teams running at approved affiliate ACT tracks will be eligible to receive bonus money in the Blue Oval Challenge Cup portion of the overall program. Mike Delahanty, the Program Manager-Sportsman Circle Track Racing for the Ford Racing Technology Division of Ford Racing, announced last February the program for ACT Ford competitors. It is one of the richest contingency programs in the history of ACT with over $35,000 up for grabs among the region’s Ford crate teams.

“I know all the Ford teams that are associated with ACT are very appreciative of the support Ford Racing has given those teams that are supporting them,” said ACT President Tom Curley. “We have at least 10 teams that will be receiving points for this program in the 2010 season in both Tour racing and weekly racing. The jump from $3,000 to win the inaugural Blue Oval Challenge Cup to $5,000 certainly speaks to Ford’s commitment to short track racing in our region,” finished Curley.

Over the past couple of years, the Ford-powered S347JR was researched and developed by Ford racing with assistance from Butler & MacMaster Engines from Hallowell, ME. “We are excited to be part of the ACT Ford racing program,” said Dave MacMaster, the chief architect and the single individual most responsible for the 10-year success of the ACT GM type crate revolution, which has now become popular across the entire country. “When you look at the high caliber ACT teams that have taken on the Ford crates going into 2010, I think that is a very healthy sign for short track racing in our neck of the woods,” concluded MacMaster.

High profile teams like three-time Thunder Road Speedbowl Champion Cris Michaud from Williamstown, VT and fellow Vermonter, 50-year veteran Joey Laquerre from Barre, VT, will be joined by young superstar Joey Polewarczyk from Hudson, NH, and Lee USA defending track champion Wayne Helliwell, Jr. from Dracut MA. Also making the switch to Ford in 2010 are two former Maine champions, Glen Luce from Turner and noted car builder and nine-time Oxford Plains Champion Jeff Taylor from Norridgewock.

This Sunday the 12th Annual Merchants Bank 150 opens the ACT and Thunder Road 2010 seasons. The Ford teams will get their first chance to pick up a $500 dollar Ford bonus with a win, and they can make history as the first Ford ever to win an ACT Tour event--- (Michaud won the first ever ACT Ford crate feature race at Thunder Road during the 2009 season). Posted awards total over $27,000 and over 60 teams from throughout the northeast and provinces of Ontario and Quebec are expected to attempt to qualify for thirty starting spots.

The winner will also be the first of the year to earn an invitation to compete at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in the second ACT Invitational over the NASCAR Cup Chase weekend in September. Class day begins at 1:00 with post time scheduled for 1:30.

For additional information contact the ACT office at 802.244.6963, www.acttour.com, or media@acttour.com.


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Delaware Speedway back in action this weekend with exciting Enduro!

“The weapon of choice is a sledgehammer and a big roll of duct tape”


For Immediate Release

April 28, 2010 (London, Ontario): “For a first-timer it’s like stepping onto the surface of the moon!”

Delaware Speedway’s John Houghton is talking about the Transmission Direct Enduro division. It’s

stock-car racing, to be sure, but there are enough twists in the rule books to take the experience up to

warp speed. One of the main elements that sets Enduro apart from the other racing divisions is the

sheer number of cars on the track.


“There are usually 60-80 cars out there”, explains Houghton. “There is no cap on how many cars can be

out at the same time. We believe it’s the largest V-8 Enduro race in Canada. “

And after the green flag, Houghton says it’s survival of the fittest in the 150 lap main event on May first.

“A lot of them burn out in the first 30 laps or so due to mechanical failures. There are no yellow caution

flags. If there’s a wreck, and as long as the driver isn’t in danger, it’s a judgment call that the race

continues. Sometimes the car stays on the track as an obstacle, depending on where it is. If a driver’s

door is open or something and it’s dangerous, they’ll call a red flag and stop the race completely until

it’s cleaned up.”


The operative word in Enduro is “endurance”. Later in the season there will be 200 lap races.

Saturday’s 150 lap feature will be preceded by two heats of 50 laps each earlier in the day. With so

many cars on the ½ mile track, Houghton has some advice for spectators who are trying to keep them all straight.


“Bring an FM receiver and headphones to listen to the PA/announcer feed on 89.1 FM. Sometimes the

drivers are separated by well over a lap – sometimes a lot of laps - and there’s racing going on anywhere on the track. We’re keeping on top of all of that in the tower. Binoculars are important too because there’s action on the track and in the infield. If a driver pulls into the pits and they’re undergoing repairs they don’t have a lot of time to do it. So the weapon of choice is a sledgehammer and a big roll of duct tape. It can get pretty entertaining when they just want to get back out there and finish in the money!”


As for whom to keep an eye on, Houghton suggests picking three or four guys or gals and making them

your focus. “Number 64, Steve Book out of Brantford has an orange roof. He’s easy to spot and he’s very successful. Some of these guys, it’s as if the traffic parts to let them through, they’re so good at it.”


Last season the top four spots in the Transmission Direct Enduro class were taken up by two sets of

brothers; David and Don Goertz from Arkona and David and Derek McCullough out of Glencoe. The

family rivalries are all part of the fun.


After Saturday’s opening with both Transmission Direct Enduro and the Ultimate Sandblasting & Coating Chaos Cars, Delaware’s Friday-night schedule kicks off May 7th with NASCAR Late Models, Super Stocks and Demar Aggregates Trucks. The season has been a long time coming and Houghton says for the firsttimer, Transmission Direct Enduro packs a lot of action. “There’s so much to see! And with Enduro, you see what you want to see!”



Joe Czernai

Delaware Speedway General Manager


Lisa Brandt



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Myerstown, PA - April 22, 2010 - Speedway Entertainment is pleased to announce its new alliance with legendary oil producer, Valvoline. Valvoline will be the Primary Sponsor of all SpeedSTR qualifying events for the remainder of 2010 season.

Valvoline has been a successful major sponsor in numerous forms of Motorsports for many years. Valvoline believes in grass roots racing and felt that the SpeedSTR series, which is one of the fastest growing series in the northeast, was an excellent outlet to showcase their VR1 Synthetic 10/30 Racing Oil.

Series creator and car builder Rich Tobias stated, "I am extremely pleased to announce our association with Valvoline for the remainder of the 2010 season. It's exciting anytime you can align yourself with great marketing partners like Valvoline. Our updated rules and maintenance handbook will feature Valvoline VR1 Synthetic 10/30 Racing Oil as the recommended oil for all SpeedSTR competitors. Valvoline has become known among the top levels of Motorsports in the US and we are very proud to represent such a great brand with our SpeedSTR series as we continue to bring in new sponsors during these tough economic times."

For over 140 years Valvoline has produced the best quality motor oils, longer than any other oil marketer. Valvoline Racing Synthetic VR1 Motor Oil has been engineered to deliver maximum horsepower and is track proven to maintain pressure and protect from foaming. The VR1 synthetic series is compatible with both gasoline and alcohol fuels and is available at participating auto parts stores.

Visit Valvoline on the web at www.Valvoline.com

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