Airborne 2016-06-11

The 358 Modifieds made their return to Airborne Park Speedway with 26 machines taking the green flag for the 75 lap main event.

A lap-62 restart saw Mooers driver, Chris Cayea, in the top spot, having to hold off Sportsman Modified challenger, Nick Heywood. Cayea was able to lead the final 26 laps, en route to victory. Heywood pulled to wheels of Cayea three times, but couldn't get enough power to drive around.

St. Albans driver, Aaron Bartemy took the early lead and led until a caution on lap-48. That lap-48 caution was for Bartemy, as his left rear wheel snapped off the B3 machine and spun him around off the top of turn two. 
The top five was completed by Bloomingdale's Matt Woodruff, Saranac Lake's George Foley and Jake Branham of Plattsburgh. St. Remi Quebec's Roger Labreche, Woodruff and Foley were all heat race winners.
The Jeffords Steel Renegade division ran it's longest distance race of the season to this point. A lap-47 restart had Milton's Robert Gordon in the lead with Essex driver Josh Terry in second. Gordon restarted on the inside with Terry on the top, and Terry drove to the lead for good on the outside. Gordon, Richie Turner, Zach Rabtoy and Jon Boutin rounded out the top five.
The Busch Beer Mini Mod feature saw Mooers driver, Dale O'Neil take the lead early and never look back. Peru's Josh LaPorte worked around Keeseville's Tim LaFountain with two laps to go for the second spot. LaFountain, Robert Foley and Eddie Bresette completed the top five.

Complete Mod Finish:

1. Chris Cayea

2. Nick Heywood

3. Matt Woodruff

4. George Foley

5. Jake Branham

6. Mike Wells

7. Lance Willix

8. Chris Reeves

9. Mike Phinney

10. Roger Labreche

11. Ryan McLean

12. Bucko Branham

13. Timex Morgan

14. Chris Sousie

15. Aaron Bartemy

16. Brian McGinley

17. Rico Hernandez

18. Mikel Labreche

19. Richard Tisseur

20. Codie Aubin

21. Jamy Begor

22. Jason McClatchie

23. Dave Whitson

24. Danny Sullivan

25. Michael Hall Jr

26. Mike McGinn

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