'Day 1' Canadian Motorsports Expo exhibitor looking forward to being part of new combined show


TORONTO, ON // JANUARY 27, 2015 • ExxonMobil, through its Mobil 1 brand, has long been associated with motorsports, supporting the championship-winning efforts of such notables as Lewis Hamilton (F1), Indy Car's Team Penske and NASCAR superstar Tony Stewart. Closer to home, they've also been associated with several drivers and teams who compete in the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series presented by Mobil 1.


So it's only natural that Mobil 1 would be recognized as a 'day one' supporter of, and participant at, the Canadian Motorsports Expo (CME), which ran as a standalone show for eight years. And in 2015, Mobil 1 will continue that streak by having a presence at the new Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo. The show, which combines the former CME and the venue's traditional custom car show, takes place March 13, 14 & 15 at Toronto's International Centre.


As per David Swain, Mobil 1's Canadian Grassroots Motorsports Coordinator, "TheMotorama show will bring together all of the players in the Canadian motorsport scene, including track owners, racers and the companies that produce and sell the products that the racers use, such as Mobil 1 plus connect us with the custom car folks who love to maintain their vehicles."


Swain continued, "Motorama allows us to interact with our customers, connecting directly with the people who count in the motorsport community plus meet potential customers."


Mobil 1's oil technology has been developed using the company's extensive experience in premiere automotive racing divisions around the world, including Formula One, NASCAR, IndyCar, Le Mans, NHRA, Formula 3, SCCA and the Tudor United SportsCar Series. The variety of demands that each varied discipline requires helps to ensure that Mobil 1 oils meet the most extreme conditions encountered on any race track and provides the best possible protection for your everyday car or truck.


The expanded format of this year's Motorama show - with the highly anticipated addition of the custom car, hot rod and tuner car segments – appeals to Swain's business sense.


"Mobil 1 is noted for its history in motorsports, but we also have a full range of products geared to every type of vehicle, from the daily driver, to the most exotic sports car, and everything in between. The new Motorama show opens the door to an entirely new segment for the automotive enthusiast."


In an effort to give back to these new show attendees, Mobil 1 – in addition to having a display at Motorama – will also sponsor a series of high-profile awards. 'Mobil 1 Best Engine' awards will be presented to recipients in all eight of the show's Hot Rod classes.


"It just seemed natural for us to recognize the efforts of a guy/gal who can build an award-winning engine," explained Swain.

As was the case during their years at the CME, the Mobil 1 display will offer Motorama visitors the opportunity to speak with company representatives about technical issues and solutions, a chance to check out the full line of Mobil 1 products, while at the same time giving them a chance to view an outrageous example of diesel-powered truck pulling muscle. This 1800 horsepower monster, previously seen at the CME, now has a tilt-off body which will offer show attendees an unobstructed view of the entire motor and drivetrain assembly.


"Right from the beginning, we at Mobil 1 saw the potential of this show," continued Swain. "With the increased exposure to the public that will occur as a result of combining the region's biggest custom car and racing shows, it can only spell great things for the automotive enthusiast and the future of the Motorama show."


ABOUT MOBIL 1 ®: Mobil 1 is one of the most widely known and trusted performance brands in the world, especially when it comes to producing superior, technologically advanced products for motorists who want the very best. Mobil 1 is the world's leading synthetic oil. For more information, visit www.Mobil1.ca


ABOUT THE MOTORAMA CUSTOM CAR & MOTORSPORTS EXPO: The inaugural Motorama show takes place March 13, 14 & 15, 2015 at Toronto's International Centre, adjacent to Toronto's Pearson International Airport. With a footprint of almost a quarter-million square feet, the show will be Canada's biggest late-winter celebration of automobiles and motorsports. For information about the show, including sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities, schedules and more, call (416) 962-7223, or email info@MotoramaShow.com. The show's website is located at www.MotoramaShow.com.


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Serie ACT Officials Create Tom Curley Award

Serie ACT Officials Create Tom Curley Award
Jonathan Bouvrette Honored as First Recipient


ATTACHED PHOTO: CurleyAward.jpg -  ACT President Tom Curley (right) with first recipient of the Tom Curley Award Jonathan Bouvrette (left). (Photo courtesy of Serie ACT)


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                             ACT-012715-8

Waterbury, VT – Serie ACT officials announced the creation of the Tom Curley Award during their annual Banquet of Champions at the Complexe des Seigneuries in St-Agapit, QC on Saturday, January 24. The award was created to honor those who have made great contributions to stock car racing in the province of Quebec.

Serie ACT Director Sylvain Brouillette announced the surprise creation of the award at the Banquet of Champions. He also announced veteran Serie ACT competitor Jonathan Bouvrette as the first recipient of the award.

The awards namesake, ACT President Tom Curley, has been promoting races in the province of Quebec since the creation of the old NASCAR North Tour back in 1979. The Tour, which separated from NASCAR and became the American Canadian Tour in 1986, competed at tracks all across the Northeast and Eastern Canada including speedways throughout Quebec.

The ACT Late Models, which began touring in 1992 and took over as the headlining division in 1996, continues to have a strong presence throughout Quebec. In 2007, Curley formed the Quebec-based Serie ACT as the sister series to the U.S.-based ACT Late Model Tour. Both series continue to compete on both sides of the border.

The 2014 Serie ACT Banquet of Champions also honored 2014 Serie ACT Champion Alex Labbe and 2014 Serie ACT Rookie of the Year Dave Coursol.

For more information contact the ACT office at 802.244.6963 or media@acttour.com or visit www.acttour.com or www.serieact.com.


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Les Mini Sportsman en route pour une 2e saison

Communiqué pour diffusion immédiate

Le 27 janvier 2015, Québec


Les Mini Sportsman en route pour une 2e saison


On entend parler un peu partout des pilotes, toutes classes confondues, qui sont à préparer la mécanique de leur voiture, refaire le design et organiser leur saison 2015. Mais qu'en est-il de nos pilotes de Mini Sportsman?


Ces jeunes pilotes ont hâte de reprendre le volant, de vivre ces nouveautés que le promoteur André Poulin leur a préparées. Parce que la saison des Mini Sportsman aura elle aussi son lot de nouveautés pour 2015; 2 courses en circuit routier, 2 championnats bien distincts avec la division Élite et la division Développement ainsi qu'un resserrement au niveau de la règlementation.


Certains pilotes présents l'an dernier se verront graduer dans la division Élite pour la prochaine saison. Le #46 Tommy Simoneau avait gradué en fin de saison lui qui a obtenu 4 podiums, dont 3 victoires en 8 courses.


Nous pourrons aussi voir la #36 Sabina Bundic faire ses débuts auprès des pilotes Élite. Elle qui a prouvé l'an dernier qu'elle avait sa place et qu'elle désirait tout donner pour progresser est bien heureuse de ce pas de plus.


Rivalité fraternelle

On retrouvera sur la piste cette année, deux duos fraternels soient le #88 Thomas Côté et le #5 Nicolas Côté en division développement ainsi que le #21 Antoine Lacharité et la #14 Ariane Lacharité en division élite. Il sera intéressant de voir de quelle façon cette rivalité sera vécue; amènera-t-elle les jeunes à se dépasser davantage?


La Championne 2014 ne défendra pas son titre

La #4 Sabrina Fournier, qui a écrit son nom à l'histoire en devenant la première championne de la Série Mini Sportsman, ne sera pas de retour pour la saison 2015. Bien qu'on ne la verra pas en piste cette année, elle compte bien continuer à suivre les jeunes pilotes et être présente pour eux. Gageons que nous la reverrons en piste dans le futur dans une classe locale; son rêve de piloter reste toujours aussi présent!


Qu'adviendra-t-il du #38 Mathieu Goulet qui a surpris tout le monde par ses 3 victoires lors du dernier programme de la saison 2014? Un pilote qui a pris beaucoup de confiance et de maturité et qui saura mettre le tout à profit pour continuer son apprentissage et j'en suis certaine, nous étonner à nouveau cette saison.


Le #27 Billy Deslile-Fortin, le #01 Simon Larouche et le # 13 Samuel Boyer seront aussi de retour pour la prochaine saison. Eux qui été contraints de s'absenter du dernier programme se grefferont à la liste des pilotes de la classe Élite et tenteront à nouveau d'atteindre la ligne d'arrivée au premier rang.

Finalement, en classe développement le #18 Mickaël Gingras est fin prêt à débuter une nouvelle saison. Le sympathique pilote a envie de continuer son apprentissage et surtout de le faire tout en s'amusant.


Une chose est certaine, les pilotes de la Série Mini Sportsman ont hâte de se retrouver tous ensemble et de vivre à nouveau un été où s'allieront adrénaline, dépassement et amitié! Suivez les prochains communiqués, de nouveaux pilotes pourraient bien se joindre au groupe déjà confirmés pour 2015!


Marie-Claude Levasseur, Relationniste.


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