Therrien Stands Tall in Dominating Memorial

Therrien Stands Tall in Dominating Memorial Day Classic Win


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<<ATTACHED PHOTO (IMG_8226): Hinesburg's Bobby Therrien (#5VT) grabs the lead from Fayston's Brooks Clark (#68VT) en route to victory in the 55th Memorial Day Classic presented by Mekkelsen RV Sales & Rental on Sunday, May 28. (Alan Ward photo)>>


<<ATTACHED PHOTO (IMG_4078): Center Conway, NH's D.J. Shaw (left) celebrates his PASS Super Late Model victory with Bruce Mekkelsen of Mekkelsen RV Sales & Rental. (Alan Ward photo)>>



Barre, Vt. – Hinesburg's Bobby Therrien took the lead early and never looked back en route to capturing the 55th Memorial Day Classic presented by Mekkelsen RV Sales & Rental at Barre's Thunder Road on Sunday, May 28. It was the first Thunder Road Late Model victory for the multi-time American-Canadian Tour (ACT) winner.



After previously winning his heat, Therrien sliced through the field from the 10th starting position, grabbing the top spot from pole sitter Brooks Clark on a lap-16 restart. The former Flying Tiger champion held off a host of challengers during a series of yellows, then walked away from the field during an extended green flag run following a competition caution on lap 60.


However, second-place runner Phil Scott blew a tire and smacked the front stretch wall with three laps to go, setting up a sprint to the finish. Therrien held on for the final laps to take the win.


Defending "King of the Road" Scott Dragon and veteran Shawn Fleury sliced to second and third during the final scramble, dropping Kyle Pembroke back to fourth. First-time Thunder Road Late Model competitor Brendan Moodie, Eric Badore, Clark, Oren Remick, Ray Christian III, and Trampas Demers rounded out the top-10.


Former Pro All Stars Series (PASS) North Champion D.J. Shaw of Center Conway, N.H. led early and often to score the win in the PASS Super Late Model feature. Apart from Barre's Nick Sweet nosing ahead for two laps in the early going, Shaw went the distance, keeping all challengers at bay in a caution-filled event that was shorted to 125 laps due to tire and track concerns.


Strong, Me.'s Tracy Gordon was second while St-Denis, QC's Patrick Laperle recovered from early troubles to finish third. Former PASS Champions Travis Benjamin and Ben Rowe were fourth and fifth. Todd Stone, Devin O'Connell, Johnny Clark, Angelo Belsito, and Glen Luce also earned top 10 finishes.


Prior to the Memorial Day Classic, Wolcott's Brendan Moodie had already driven to victory in the Lenny's Shoe & Apparel Flying Tiger feature. Moodie took the lead from Craftsbury Common's Mike Martin on lap 17 of the 40-lap event and held off a hard-charging Dwayne Lanphear in the closing laps to become the division's all-time winningest driver (18).


Morrisville's Lanphear showed he hasn't lost anything after a long hiatus from racing, charging from 13th on the starting grid to finish second. Joel Hodgdon took third followed by rookie Jaden Perry and veteran Joe Steffen. Martin, Jason Woodard, Jamon Perry, Cameron Ouellette, and Tyler Austin finished 6th through 10th.


Duxbury's Reilly Lanphear scored her first career victory in the 25-lap Allen Lumber Street Stock feature. Lanphear took the lead from pole sitter Michael Gay of South Burlington on the start and pulled away in the race's middle stages, but had to hold off a resurgent Gay in the final circuits for the victory.


Gay settled for a career-best second, while Waterbury Center's Kelsea Woodard fended off the pack for her first podium result. Gary Mullen, Alan Maynard, Brandon Lanphear, Matthew Smith, Bunker Hodgdon, rookie Logan Powers, and Thomas Merchant rounded out the top-10.


Thunder Road will be back in action Sunday, June 4 for Harvest Equipment Night with a special 3:00pm post time. The Thunder Road Late Models, Lenny's Shoe & Apparel Flying Tigers, and Allen Lumber Street Stocks will all be in action along with the annual Kids Rides. Admission is $12 for adults, $3 for kids, and $25 for a family of four (2 adults, 2 kids).


For more information, contact the Thunder Road offices at (802) 244-6963 or visit www.thunderroadspeedbowl.com.





Pos., Start Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown, Laps 

  1. ( 10 ) Bobby Therrien ( 5VT ) , Hinesburg, VT , 100 Laps
  2. ( 14 ) Scott Dragon ( 16VT ) , Milton, VT , 100 Laps
  3. ( 22 ) Shawn Fleury ( 31VT ) , Middlesex, VT , 100 Laps
  4. ( 7 ) Kyle Pembroke ( 27VT ) , Montpelier, VT , 100 Laps
  5. ( 13 ) Brendan Moodie ( 94VT ) , Wolcott, VT , 100 Laps
  6. ( 19 ) Eric Badore ( 04VT ) , Milton, VT , 100 Laps
  7. ( 1 ) Brooks Clark ( 68VT ) , Fayston, VT , 100 Laps
  8. ( 15 ) Oren Remick ( 21NH ) , Warner, NH , 100 Laps
  9. ( 25 ) #Raymond L. Christian lll ( 93CT ) , Norwich, CT , 100 Laps
  10. ( 8 ) Trampas Demers ( 85VT ) , S. Burlington, VT , 100 Laps
  11. ( 9 ) Jason Corliss ( 66VT ) , Barre, VT , 100 Laps
  12. ( 11 ) Eric Chase ( 40VT ) , Milton, VT , 100 Laps
  13. ( 16 ) Mike Bailey ( 00VT ) , S. Barre, VT , 99 Laps
  14. ( 24 ) Christopher Pelkey ( 64VT ) , Graniteville, VT , 99 Laps
  15. ( 2 ) Darrell Morin ( 17VT ) , Westford, VT , 99 Laps
  16. ( 23 ) Ricky Roberts ( 3VT ) , Washington, VT , 99 Laps
  17. ( 4 ) Tyler Cahoon ( 38VT ) , Danville, VT , 99 Laps
  18. ( 17 ) Jamie Fisher ( 18VT ) , Shelburne, VT , 99 Laps
  19. ( 6 ) Phil Scott ( 14VT ) , Berlin, VT , 96 Laps
  20. ( 31 ) Mike Foster ( 7VT ) , Williston, VT , 58 Laps
  21. ( 26 ) Marcel J. Gravel ( 86VT ) , Wolcott, VT , 57 Laps
  22. ( 12 ) Josh Demers ( 10VT ) , Montpelier, VT , 37 Laps
  23. ( 5 ) Brandon Atkins ( 4NY ) , Au Sable Forks, NY , 37 Laps
  24. ( 21 ) Boomer Morris ( 13VT ) , Barre, VT , 37 Laps
  25. ( 20 ) Cody Blake ( 99VT ) , Barre, VT , 32 Laps
  26. ( 18 ) Jason Allen ( 29VT ) , Barre, VT , 29 Laps
  27. ( 3 ) Matt White ( 42VT ) , Northfield, VT , 26 Laps
  28. ( 27 ) Richard Lowrey III ( 44VT ) , Charlotte, VT , 16 Laps
  29. ( 29 ) Scott Coburn ( 72VT ) , Barre, VT , 14 Laps

Lap Leaders: Brooks Clark, 1-16; Bobby Therrien, 17-100. (1 lead change among 2 drivers)

Time of Race: 1:03:46                                                 Margin of Victory: 1.125 seconds       

Cautions: 7 (laps 16, 26, 36, 37, 42, 60, 97)                                                               

Heat Winners: Bobby Therrien, Eric Chase, Josh Demers

Consi Winners: Mike Bailey, Brandon Atkins 




Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown, Laps

  1. D.J. Shaw ( 60 ) Center Conway, NH, 125 Laps
  2. Tracy Gordon ( 41 ) Strong, ME, 125 Laps
  3. Patrick Laperle ( 91QC ) St-Denis, QC, 125 Laps
  4. Travis Benjamin ( 7 ) Morrill, ME, 125 Laps
  5. Ben Rowe ( 4n ) Turner, ME, 125 Laps
  6. Todd Stone ( 1X ) Middlebury, VT, 125 Laps
  7. Devin O'Connell ( 43 ) Madison, CT, 125 Laps
  8. Johnny Clark ( 54 ) Hallowell, ME, 125 Laps
  9. Angelo Belsito ( 8 ) Auburn, MA, 125 Laps
  10. Glen Luce ( 7L ) Turner, ME, 124 Laps
  11. Dave Farrington Jr. ( 23 ) Jay, ME, 122 Laps
  12. Bobby Therrien ( 5X ) Hinesburg, VT, 114 Laps
  13. Derek Ramstrom ( 35 ) W. Boylston, MA, 113 Laps
  14. Jeremy Davis ( 1VT ) Tamworth, NH, 106 Laps
  15. Nick Sweet ( 40VT ) Barre, VT, 103 Laps
  16. Derek Griffith ( 12G ) Hudson, NH, 91 Laps
  17. John Salemi ( 63 ) Nashua, NH, 54 Laps
  18. Travis Stearns ( 16ME ) Auburn, ME, 44 Laps




Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown

  1. Brendan Moodie ( 94 ) Wolcott, VT
  2. Dwayne Lanphear ( 11 ) Morrisville, VT
  3. Joel Hodgdon ( 36 ) Craftsbury Common, VT
  4. #Jaden Perry ( 92 ) Hardwick, VT
  5. Joe Steffen ( 00 ) Grand Isle, VT
  6. Mike Martin ( 01 ) Craftsbury Common, VT
  7. Jason Woodard ( 68 ) Waterbury Ctr., VT
  8. #Jamon Perry ( 62 ) Hardwick, VT
  9. Cameron Ouellette ( 90 ) Barre, VT
  10. #Tyler Austin ( 5 ) East Calais, VT
  11. Trevor Lyman ( 17 ) Hinesburg, VT
  12. Kyle Streeter ( 37 ) Waitsfield, VT
  13. Kevin Dodge ( 88 ) Barre, VT
  14. #Jason Pelkey ( 64 ) Barre, VT
  15. Mike Billado ( 8 ) Essex, VT
  16. Brian Delphia ( 25 ) Duxbury, VT
  17. Adam Maynard ( 57 ) Milton, VT
  18. Sid Sweet, Jr. ( 51 ) Williamstown, VT
  19. Robert Gordon ( 20 ) Milton, VT
  20. #Burt Spooner III ( 4 ) E. Montpelier, VT
  21. Brent Currier ( 1 ) Morrisville, VT
  22. Matthew Potter ( 7 ) Marshfield, VT




Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown

  1. Reilly Lanphear ( 21 ) Duxbury, VT
  2. Michael Gay ( 3 ) So. Burlington, VT
  3. Kelsea Woodard ( 55 ) Waterbury Ctr., VT
  4. Gary Mullen ( 29 ) Tunbridge, VT
  5. Alan Maynard ( 10 ) Fairfax, VT
  6. Brandon Lanphear ( 11 ) Morrisville, VT
  7. Matthew Smith ( 04 ) Essex Jct., VT
  8. Bunker Hodgdon lll ( 83 ) E. Hardwick, VT
  9. #Logan Powers ( 31 ) Middlesex, VT
  10. Thomas Merchant ( 38 ) Eden Mills, VT
  11. #Stephen Martin ( 01 ) Craftsbury Common, VT
  12. Dean Switzer, Jr. ( 45 ) Lyndonville, VT
  13. Jamie Davis ( 43 ) Wolcott, VT
  14. Greg Collette ( 33 ) Milton, VT
  15. Tom Campbell ( 85 ) Middlesex, VT
  16. #Jeff Murray ( 35 ) Georgia, VT
  17. #Kasey Collins ( 98 ) Barre, VT
  18. Cooper Bouchard ( 7 ) Hinesburg, VT
  19. William Hennequin ( 47 ) Hardwick, VT
  20. Scott Weston ( 40 ) Berlin, VT
  21. Vern Woodard ( 73 ) Brandon, VT
  22. Tom Smith ( 50 ) Williamstown, VT
  23. Kevin Streeter ( 67 ) Waitsfield, VT
  24. Peyton Lanphear ( 22 ) Duxbury, VT



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Un 50 tours pour 500$ au gagnant de la SCE Total Métal Récupératio

Un 50 tours pour 500$ au gagnant de la SCE Total Métal Récupération

NASCAR Whelen Sport Compact Élite Total Métal Récupération, une bourse à faire rêver à l'Autodrome Chaudière.  En effet, 500 $ sera remis au gagnant. Affûtez vos bolides!

C'est samedi le 3 juin prochain que se déroulera cette course historique en Sport Compact Élite sous l'égide de NASCAR. Une bourse de 500 $ au gagnant et de plus 50 $ garanti à partir du 6e jusqu'au 20e.

Une grande première vous sera donc offerte avec une course de 50 tours sous le vert. De l'action en voulez-vous !!!

Une promotion de taille sera aussi offerte aux pilotes de cette catégorie. Tous ceux qui feront l'entièreté des programmes de la saison se verront remettre une passe gratuite pour la saison 2018. Ce n'est pas tout, nous avons ajouté à notre offre que les pilotes n'ayant pas participé à la première course demeurent éligibles pour cette promotion.

Il y aura présentation de tous les pilotesdevant la grande estrade avec la pige des 6 ou 8 premières positions. Une occasion de mettre vos commanditaires ainsi que vos équipiers en valeur.

La licence NASCAR sera disponible pour la saison au coût de 100 $ US. C'est aussi possible de se la procurer pour une période temporaire de 15 jours au coût de 25 $ US. Au sujet de cette licence et de son coût, sachez que celle-ci donne une économie de 10 $ à l'entrée des puits, donc ce coût est presque entièrement remboursé en cours de la saison.

De plus, vous devenez automatiquement assuré par l'assurance de NASCAR qui est de un million de dollars en plus de la nôtre. Vous pouvez aussi bénéficier de plusieurs rabais allant jusqu'à 25 %; notamment chez les marchands suivants : Edelbrock, Mechanix Wear, JE Pistons, Sherwin Williams, Scorpion Racing Products, Nascar Hall of Fame.

C'est un rendez-vous à ne pas manquer en Nascar Whelen Sport Compact Élite Total Métal Récupération, le 3 juin 2017 à Vallée-Jonction dans la Beauce.

Aussi au même programme : 50 tours NASCAR Late Model Freightliner Québec/Western Star Lévis, 25 tours NASCAR Semi-Pro Excavation AD Roy et 20 tours Nascar Sport Compact Amateur Entreprise Daniel Carré.

Informations :
M. Steve Gaudreau
Gagant du 1er programme de la saison SCE
#75 Steve Godbout

Logos disponibles.

25e anniversaire de l'Autodrome : vectoriel ou .png

Pour tous autres besoins visuels ou informations supplémentaires, contactez M. Steve Gaudreau au 418-253-5409 ou par courriel a steve@autodromechaudiere.com.

Copyright © 2017, Tous droits réservés.

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Kicking a Saturday Night into Gear at Canada’s Toughest 3rd of a Mile Paved Oval

Kicking a Saturday Night into Gear at Canada's Toughest 3rd of a Mile Paved Oval

By Jim Clarke, Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media


The second week of 50th Anniversary Season action rolled to the starting line – Saturday, May 27th – at Peterborough Speedway, as the Ontario Modifieds Racing Series, Ontario Pro Challenge and OSCAAR Midgets & Pro Midgets joined the home track Battlefield Equipment Rental 4Fun, Jiffy Lube Mini Stock and Thunder Car divisions.


The Jiffy Lube Mini Stocks kicked-off feature race action, with Ember Junkin and Kevin Strutt on the front row. Junking would hold an early advantage and began lapping slower cars with less than a handful of laps in the books, but her time at the front of the field was short-lived. After taking the green flag in 5th spot, James Townsend took a lead he'd never surrender after a restart with 5 laps on the board. Donovan Price, Junkin, Strutt and Kent Missons completed the top 5.


With 20 laps on the agenda, the Ontario Modifieds Racing Series hit Canada's Toughest 3rd of a Mile Paved Oval for the first time in 2017 with the father and son duo of Rick and Rob Warnes on the front row. The pair showed the rest of the field the fast way around, but Brad Stevenson's #77 was the class of show and took the top spot just 5 laps into the run. Rob Warnes would hang-on to the runner-up spot and was chased across the stripe by his father. Opening round winner Duane Cinnamon was 4th, with Randy Hollingsworth 5th.


With Jeremy Kelly and Ryan Oosterholt showing the way, the Battlefield Equipment Rental 4Fun field rolled from the staging area. As he had a week earlier, Oosterholt elected to start from the tail of the field, putting Keith Parkes alongside Kelly for the initial green flag. Parkes would have a strong run at the front of the pack as the leaders caught the backmarkers with about 5 laps on the board. A pair of yellow flags would shuffle the deck and put Kelly in control for a late race shootout with Sean Kennedy. Last year's champion got the better of last week's winner, as Kelly headed for Dart Heating and Air Conditioning victory lane. Jake Kelly, Baden Powell and Dylan Wills completed the top 5.


Dwight Lavoie and defending track champion Howie Crowe brought the Thunder Car field to the Great Canadian RV green flag for their 20 lapper. Crowe's refurbished #28 took an early lead and was still in control with half the laps complete. A restart, with only 5 circuits remaining saw Dan Archibald at the front of the pack and he'd hold on for his first win of the year. James Townsend, Rob Richards, Bailey Jacobs and Anthony DiBello would complete the top 5.


Mike Johnson and Bryan Stevanus brought the Ontario Pro Challenge machines to the line for their 30 lap feature tilt. Stevanus and Kyle Batty broke away from the field and were running nose-to-tail at the front of the pack, when the pair came together in the middle of the backstretch. The incident also collected Tim Norris and Peter Hattin, who were running 3rd and 4th at the time. All drivers were unhurt, but only Norris and Batty were able to return to action. Norris kept challenger Rick Seeley at bay for the win. Ken Lillycrop, Tim Shanahan and Batty finished-out the top 5.


Nigel Buttivant took the OSCAAR Midget main event. Jordan Hanna claimed the Pro Midget checkered flag.


Earlier in the evening, James Townsend and Neil Hannah split the Jiffy Lube Mini Stock heats, with Brad Stevenson, Mark Gordon, Rick Warnes and Duane Cinnamon sharing the Ontario Modifieds Racing Series qualifiers. Jeremy Kelly, Ryan Oosterholt, Sean Kennedy and Keith Parkes took the Battlefield Equipment Rental 4Fun preliminary rounds. Thunder Car qualifying saw Dan Archibald with a pair, Anthony DiBello and Howie Crowe take the checkered flags. Daniel Hawn and Jordan Hanna split the Pro Midget qualifiers, with Bryan Stevanus and Kyle Batty each taking a pair of the Ontario Pro Challenge heats.


Bullring bullet points: The night's 50/50 draw paid close to $600 to a lucky race fan…James Townsend picked a great night to do double-duty, winning the Mini Stock feature event and finishing second in the Thunder Car 'A' main…Brandon Feeney had an adventure just getting to the track. The rookie of the year hopeful in the Thunder Car division needed to rent a cube van to tow his car to the speedway…After winning the 2016 OMRS title, John Baker has endured a couple of frustrating weeks on the tour. His reworked #63 machine suffered mechanical issues during practice for the second straight event.


Action at Canada's Toughest 3rd of a Mile Paved Oval resumes with the year's first Fan Appreciation/Toonie Spectator Grandstand Admission Night – presented by Pepsi – Saturday, June 3rd. The show will feature a special 50thAnniversary 50 lap main event for the Organics & Glass Late Models, along with action for the home track Battlefield Equipment Rental 4Fun, Jiffy Lube Mini Stock and Trent Lakes Complete Plumbing Renegade Truck divisions; plus, the Trailers Plus.net Eastern Ontario Legends Series. Pit gates will open at 2:00, with the spectator grandstands unlocked at 4:00 and racing at 5:00.


Full schedule details and the latest news can always be found by logging ontowww.peterboroughspeedway.com, liking the Peterborough Speedway page on Facebook or following the track on Twitter. Fans can also download the free app on your Smartphone.

Photo attachment: Morgan Amber Photography


Defending track champion Jeremy Kelly (#80) celebrates his first Battlefield Equipment Rental 4Fun win of 2017 – Saturday, May 27th – at Peterborough Speedway.


A hard-charging Dan Archibald (#07) celebrates his Thunder Car main event win with family and friends – Saturday, May 27th – at Peterborough Speedway.


2016 Ontario Pro Challenge Series champion Tim Norris (#88) picked-up the 30-lap main event win – Saturday, May 27th – at Peterborough Speedway.


Brad Stevenson (#77) earned a trip to Dart Heating & Air Conditioning victory lane after a main event win – Saturday, May 27th – at Peterborough Speedway.


Prepared by: Jim Clarke, Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media


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L'Autodrome Drummond en deuil

L'Autodrome Drummond en deuil

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