July 30, 2016 at 10:34PM

WOOD THE DOMINATOR! Plattsburgh, NY – 2016-07-30 - Plattsburgh's own Robin Wood dominated the Canadian Invasion held at Airborne Park Speedway (Plattsburgh, NY). He first won the heat race and also won in both the 2 x 20-lap Autodrome St-Eustache Limited Late Model segments which allowed him to win the overall combo with the low score of 2. Mascouche's Martin Fauteux finished 2nd overall by finishing 2nd and 4th. Fauteux's race was clean and if it wasn't for a second segment mid-race wiggle he probably would have finished top-3. Jonathan Mayer of Blainville (Quebec, Canada) finished Wood's coat tails in the second segment and scored an overall third position. Mayer who started outside pole in the second segment was inches from winning a first career feature in the LLM. But Wood, who started eight, reeled him in with only a few feet to go in the race. The margin of victory was 3-feet. Mayer, during the only caution of the night, saw his engine shutdown with only five to go in the first segment. Assisted by the push truck he had to restart at the back of the field and salvaged a 4th place finish. Overall combo standings: 1. 61 Robin Wood 36 pts finish : 1 et 1 2. 10 Martin Fauteux 28 pts finish : 2 et 4 3. 18 Jonathan Mayer 22 pts finish: 7 et 2 4. 33r @remi perreault 22 pts finish: 6 et 3 5. 37x Benoit Juteau 22 pts finish: 3 et 6 6. 45 Stéphane Charland 16 pts finish: 5 et 7 7. 9 Mathieu Kingsbury 16 pts finish: 4 et 8 8. 29 Steve Ladouceur 14 pts finish: 8 et 5 9. 11 JF Champagne 4 pts finish: 9 et 9

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