Terry Wins 100-Lap Renegade Special

Terry Wins 100-Lap Renegade Special

Plattsburgh- The Jeffords Steel Renegades had the spotlight this past Saturday nightas they ran their longest distance race of the season, 100 laps. In addition, the Ernie's Discount Tools Sportsman Modifieds and Bush Beer Mini Mods ran twin features.
            The 100 lap Renegade feature was broken up into two 50 lap stanzas. At lap 50, a competition yellow would be thrown to allow teams to refuel there cars and make minimal adjustments to their cars. 
            Essex, NY driver, Josh Terry, picked up the checkerd flag in the 100 lap event, holding off Shawn Duquette on a lap-96 restart. Terry had been choosing the outside groove on previous restarts with Duquette along side, but on the final restart Terry elected to restart on the inside and he drove his way to victory.
            "The car was a little tight earlier in the second stanza so I needed to take the top on restarts, but it got better as the race went on," Terry said. "The car was so good at the final restart that the bottom was the best place to put the car for the restart."
            Duquette was able to hold onto second despite losing the brakes in the car around lap-80. Jason McClatchie, Michael Wright and Brent Jarvis completed the unofficial top-5.
            A green to checkered finish in the first Sportsman Modified feature helped Codie Aubin pull out to a sizeable lead and break his streak of bad luck, as Aubin picked up his first win of 2016. 
            "I can't thank my crew enough for the hard work they put in," Aubin said.
            Jamy Begor, Bucko Branham, Danny Sullivan and Timex Morgan completed the unofficial top-5.
            The second Sportsman Modified feature also ran green to checkered with Rico Hernandez leading the first 21 laps of the 25 lap feature. Begor showed great patience as he rode behind the Hernandez car for the better part of seven laps and was forced to pull the trigger when Sullivan pulled underneath Begor to vie for the second spot. Hernandez, in the lead, left a hole open down low for Sullivan to try and fill while Begor was rim riding, three-wide atop turns three and four. Begor worked around both cars and checked out in the final four laps.
            "My crew has been after me about sticking the car to the outside and going to the front," Begor said. "I can't thank my fine sponsors enough for the support they provide, it especially feels good to win on one of my sponsors nights (Jeffords Steel)."
            Sullivan, Nick Heywood, Branham and Hernandez completed the unofficial top-5.
            Dale O'Neil's winning streak was snapped in the Mini Mod division, as Pete Blaney was able to work the inside past Josh LaPorte was the race winning pass. O'Neil, LaPorte, Tim LaFountain and Tyler Irwin completed the unofficial top-5.
            O'Neil got back on track, scoring his seventh win of the second in feature two. LaPorte, Blaney, Irwin and LaFountain completed the unofficial top-5.
            Racing action comes to a halt for next week as we are off for the week of the Clinton County Fair. Stop by the Airborne Park Speedway booth and see us for an opportunity to win prizes and check out a couple cars. Racing action will resume at the speedway on July 30 for the Limited Late Model Canadian Invasion.

*Dave Brown photo*

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