Airborne Park Speedway Update

Airborne Park Speedway Update
PLATTSBURGH – It's been a long and aggravating process trying to beat Mother Nature for our initial track preparation. Progress is being made but it is a bit slower than anticipated. 
                The issue lies beneath the upper clay surface. The bottom bed of the clay on the race track needed to be thoroughly dried and with the number of rainy days in the last few weeks, it has been difficult to allow that to happen.
We needed to open the track up and turn over the clay to help allow it to dry. Just this past weekend we were able to take steps towards finalizing this process and begin to pack it into place. Bruce Richards spent Thursday through Sunday completing these tasks. Without following this process, we would be running into issues with the clay peeling, moving and shifting underneath. In total, the track has had over 210 man hours and over $1,000 in fuel for this initial setup process this weekend alone.
With rain today and rain expected tomorrow, it is not looking good for a practice Wednesday night, but we are keeping our fingers crossed. 
We ask that you please be patient with the process and be assured that we are headed in the right direction. We must ensure that we have a safe race track first and foremost. I am not one that cancels things early, but it's part of the business, sometimes you have to take the hits. 
John R. Walker

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