Mike Beyore Rides a Racing Rollercoaster at Delaware Speedway

Mike Beyore Rides a Racing Rollercoaster at Delaware Speedway

By Jim Clarke, Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media


Weekly short track racing can often encompass opposite ends of the spectrum. A driver can accept the big cheque in victory lane at one event, then be faced with long hours in the shop rebuilding their equipment after the next. Friday, July 10th Mike Beyore went through every possible sensation as the OSCAAR Outlaw Super Late Model Series made their first stop of the year at Delaware Speedway.


After a strong runner-up effort at Sunset Speedway Saturday, June 6th, the veteran campaigner known as 'The Whitby Warrior' rolled onto the track for the night's first qualifying heat with a positive. His optimism quickly changed as the #54 machine struggled to keep pace with the leaders and finished the preliminary round at the tail-end of the field. Never one to accept defeat or sit and lick his wounds, Beyore and the crew went over the car from top to bottom; back to front looking for a solution. A patient, albeit detailed approach was finalized with a gear change before the teams rolled onto the track for the second round of qualifying. The driver is always quick to praise the hard work of his crew when the chips are down.


"These guys are the best crew in the series," said a beaming Mike Beyore. "They don't just bust their butts at the shop, but at the track as well. If we needed to, I'm sure they could change everything on the car but the number if it meant getting more out of our stuff. When I slide into the seat, I'm always confident that we've done everything we can to be a contender."


For the second heat, the car did everything the driver and crew had expected, taking the qualifying win and strengthening the team's starting spot for the night's main event. Even though they were solidly in the big show, the crew still did a final round of checks on the car before taking to the track for the headline dance.


"In the feature, the car was as close to perfect as it has ever been and it looked like we were on our way to another strong finish," said the second generation racer. "We were leading and the car showed its strength on the restarts. With a couple of red flags and sitting on the track with cars running along-side me, I was overcome by fumes and started to feel ill. It was a very disappointing end to the day after everyone had worked so hard to make the car as good as it was. To be credited with a 13th place finish when we could've won is heartbreaking."


Next on the schedule for the #54 team will be a companion event with the OSCAAR Super Late Model, Modified and Midget teams Saturday, July 25th at Sauble Speedway. Then Peterborough Speedway's Chase for the Colours Touring Series Pole Qualifier – Saturday, August 1st – will help determine starting spots for the 23rd Annual Autumn Colours Classic.


Follow Mike Beyore throughout the season on Twitter via @54buck and at www.beyoreracing.ca.


Mike Beyore's 2015 OSCAAR Outlaw Super Late Model tour is supported by Stemac Machinery & Industrial Tools, Millennium Crane, Metals Plus, CNC Custom Machining, Praxair, MGS Performance, Mayhew Graphics, Vista Engineering Corporation, Lesco Industrial Restoration and Hoy's Garage, with promotional and media services by Clarke Motorsports Communications.


Photo attachment: Todd Walden, www.oscaar.ca


Mike Beyore celebrates an OSCAAR Outlaw Super Late Model qualifying heat win – Friday, July 10th – at Delaware Speedway. The series returns to action Saturday, July 25th at Sauble Speedway.


Prepared by: Jim Clarke, Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media

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